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Hey, fellow wanderer! Thanks for visiting our Travel write for us! The Fit Scene and Travel “write for us” together welcomes the followers to co-ordinate with the website’s enlargement and win author credit.

We are ever welcoming to volunteer writers who are eager to share their insights, knowledge, advice, and experience to the Travel loving people. In fact, our readers look for practical, workable views on the updations developing Traveling and the developers who make them worthwhile. In brief, blogs that will guide others on their own development and metamorphosis’s path.

Do You Want To Write For The Fit Scene Blog?

Thanks for showing your interest in writing your travel +write for us stock for The Fit Scene. Indeed, our main purpose is to inspire people to trip safely and connect to people. The articles Travel + ”write for us” should fulfill the above purposes.

Contribute = Okay! But, Benefit?

Are you a frequent traveler? If YES, then by sharing your stories, and your experiences, you are going to make yourself popular as a blogger. And to make that true, we are going to publish your posts on our different social media. Obviously, you will get your author’s credit.


 Contribute to us, Be a Travel Write for us Blogger”

We are eager to see your images and videos. Be our Travel + ”write for us”+ guest post and Vlogger. You know who is a vlogger right? A vlogger is a person who makes videos of his or her activities and makes it reach the audiences via different media online.


What kind of Travel + “write for us” do we need?

We need Travel  + ”write for us”+ guest post for The Fit Scene audience. How it can be a pleasant trip. Which way to go and which way to not. Informing approximately all the charges for a tour. In which season one should visit, etc,.

Article Examples   Travel + “write for us”

  1. Best season for a trip to the Maldives.
  2. Visit Thailand – the pocket-friendly way.
  3. Allons à Paris- a trip to Paris.

“Travel + write for us + Guest post, hurry!”

But truly speaking, to achieve something, you have to give up on something too. What? Worried? Don’t be stressed. Just kidding!

Provided that, I am just talking about our guidelines. Yeah… to begin with, we have some guidelines. They are few but strictly constructed and followed by our fellow editors and writers. Keep reading to know them.

Travel+ write for us + Guest post

Our Guidelines for Guest Blogging  Travel “write for us”

  • Firstly, you must construct your content on travel+ ”write for us”+ guest post, vacations, or destinations, seasonal travel write for us, theme travel + ”write for us” relevant.
  • Secondly, the content should be original and not copied.
  • Thirdly, the article’s pitch must have at least 570 words. The maximum words permitted in the article’s body are 2,200.
  • Fourthly, the article should be valid and genuine.
  • Fifthly, the post should not have Drugs, Adult, Alcohol, Smoking, and Copyright material related content.
  • Then, do not stray off-topic.
  • The paragraph needs to be brief; approx 3-4 lines mostly.
  • No empathy for articles having grammatical errors. Keep an eye before submitting it.
  • Send us your link; in this context, we permit only two links per post including your bio. You will find it at the end of the page or post.
  • Moreover, you will be getting your post’s links or backlinks from The Fit Scene.
  • If you are a fresher, you need to send us a sample of your write-ups; but, for already experienced writers, you send us your content directly to The Fit Scene Blog’s website( See below).
  • It is up to us, whether we select your pitch or reject it. In either case, we are going to inform you.
  • In case of more attractiveness, provide us images (HD quality) and videos (if any) combined to your content. The images must have a copyright license.
  • Again, please do not forget to use U.S. English in your travel + “write for us”.
  • If and when your article is posted, The Fit Scene expects the author to share the article across his or her social media handles within 72 hours of post update.
  • Nevertheless, we want a completely well-made, simple, and clear, plagiarism-free article which will provide Travel tips write for us to the audiences, followers, and readers.

Travel + write for us + Guest post


P.S.:- The Fit Scene reserves all the rights to edit or omit any content.

Note: Finally, we will notify within 24 hours to any of your queries. Read the Travel + Write for us + guest post guidelines cautiously prior to submitting posts.

GET IN TOUCH  Travel “write for us”

If you have any suggestion, question, complaint, or you want to appeal a quote for any project, or you just want to contact us, fill up The Fit Scene contact form that is shown below our page and we will reciprocate as promptly as possible, that’s a promise!!

You can also contact us through this email:

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Keep blogging.

See you soon!


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