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Hey! Are you a travel lover? Love to showcase your experience through your words? Then this might be your own place. The fit scene and travel welcome you to be a part of our team and make it large with obviously your author credit!

We’re keen to hear about your adventures if you’ve climbed through dangerous landscapes, scuba-dived in oceans, and can tell us about them. We’re seeking travelers who have cultivated a passion for writing; we publish original (plagiarism-free) guidelines that mix a child’s inquisitiveness with investigative rigor and devotion to truthfulness.

Do you want to write For The Fit Scene Blog?

 The Fit Scene is thankful to see your interest in “write for us” + travel. Our mission is to provide a safe, pocket-friendly guide and a beautiful description of a destination that is helpful for the reader and the traveler. You must highlight these areas while writing for us.

Now thinking about your benefit?

The fit scene gives you a wonderful platform if you are a travel blogger or aspiring travel writer. For every writer, it is a dream to reach more and more readers. Writing for us will help you to fulfill this dream. Yes! If you are writing your travel experience following all the guidelines provided by us, we are going to publish all the articles on various social sites with the author’s credit.

Apart from writing, are you a travel vlogger? Passionate about capturing the live moment of your adventure so that it can’t delete from your sites? Please share those videos with us with the marvelous description. We are eager to publish those on our website. And so many people connected with us with your captures. It is easy to establish your footprints as a travel vlogger or travel writer in this growing digital world.

 What kind of Travel + “write for us” article do you need to write?

 For The Fit Scene audience, we need “write for us” +travel+ guest writers. Write with lucid language about your personal experiences, total expenditure to complete the trips, an appropriate guide on what ought to do and what not, how to plan the whole trip. According to the travelers are going solo or with family, what kind of essentials do they need to carry? You have to write an article in such a way that the reader gets all this important information at a glance. And your description must be engaging to our audiences.

Ok! For your understanding, we are giving you some types of articles that you need to write

  1. Ideal season to visit MalaysiaBudget-friendly guidelines to visit Thailand
  2. Pack your backpacks to travel to Paris

So, the guest writers, eager to start your writing? Wait for a moment! Before going on a trip you need to plan for a couple of weeks, right? Same for us. Before starting Write for us+ travel blogs just take a look at our guidelines. Those are strictly set by our editor team and need to keep all of them while writing. So without wasting time read the guidelines carefully!!!

Our Guidelines:

  • At first you need to sketch the whole article on Write for us+ travel+ guest post, vacation, destination, seasonal travel, etc topics, and the content must be relevant to the topics.
  • In the case of writing the destination part, we are looking for detailed descriptions, planning and expenditure of the whole trip, available sight scenes and all. For more details, you can click on or travel section and go through the published blogs for your references.
  • If you are going to write about road trips then all the details should be written including the halts, foods, staying. Through your words, travelers can easily understand all about the place.
  • The most important point about the writing for us is you have to provide the original plagiarism-free article to us. We can only approve your write-up if the article is unique and not published anywhere on the digital platforms.
  • Another point that has to be noted is the length of the blog. You should complete the write-up between 570 to 2000 words. Any content above 2200 words will not be entertained from our end.
  • In your content, drugs, adult, smoking, alcohol, copyrighted word enriched content should not be allowed on the fit scene website.
  • The topic must be relevant and brief. Do not write irrelevant, off-topic content.
  • Your article must be free from any grammatical errors. Before submitting the final content please pay attention to it.
  • You need to split the whole blog into a few paragraphs. Under each paragraph write a relevant concise description.
  •  Your blog should be very informative and engaging. Try to cover all information related to the destination or trip and do raise many questions within it. So that our audience feels a connection with your writing.
  • Your article should be based on a prominent keyword. Whenever you start to write, we’ll coordinate with you just to target a single keyword dependent on your presentation, which you’ll then use to construct your article. We’ll also provide you with a brief synopsis. Patiently hold unless we’ve given you a keyword, content, and template before you compose your post, and please don’t commit to writing a post for us if you aren’t comfortable primarily with our outline.
  •  If you are starting just your writing career, then you need to contact us with your sample writing. If that is satisfactory then you can start to write for us. For the experienced one please excuse this point.
  • One more thing that has to keep in mind is that the content is not a story of your personal experiences. You need to write informative blogs about the destination.
  • Please provide us link. For each post, we are accepting a maximum of two links. In which one link must contain your bio. On our website, you can see this bio below of your write-up. 
  • In any case, to provide a clear conception of the place you can provide HD photographs. We only accept the photos if that is copyright free original ones.
  • It is completely our decision whether to select your article or not. We can also edit them as per our requirements.
  • After publishing it on our website the writer can share the post within 72 hours.
  • Lastly, it is advisable that before starting Write for us+ travel content please go through all the relevant blogs posted on The Fit Scene website. So that you can get a very clear conception of our requirements.

GET IN TOUCH Travel “write for us”

So, writers, hope all the guidelines are clear to you? If your answer is no, don’t worry. For any doubts, suggestions, or queries we are always there to help you out. Just fill in the details provided below on The Fit Scene page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Hope we will get in touch soon!!

You can also contact us through our email.

Column1 Topics that you can write are: Search Terms Related to Travel write for us travel
1 Hotels Articles“guest post” Hotels “guest post”
2 Flight Articles “write for us” Flight  “write for us”
3 Travelocity Articles “guest article” Travelocity “guest article”
4 Airline Tickets Articles “guest post opportunities” Airline Tickets “guest post opportunities”
5 Trip Articles “this is a guest post by” Trip  “this is a guest post by”
6 Vacation Articles “contributing writer” Vacation “contributing writer”
7 Plane tickets Articles  “want to write for” Plane tickets “want to write for”
8 Travel agency Articles  “submit a blog post” Travel agency “submit a blog post”
9 Airlines Articles “contribute to our site” Airlines “contribute to our site”
10 Cheap airline tickets Articles “guest column” Cheap airline tickets “guest column”
11 Airfare Articles  “submit content” Airfare “submit content”
12 Fare Articles “submit your content” Fare “submit your content”
13 Cheap Airfare Articles  “submit a post” Cheap Airfare  “submit a post”
14 Destination Articles “This post was written by” Destination “This post was written by”
15 one travel Articles “guest post” one travel “guest post”
16 package Articles “guest posting guidelines” package “guest posting guidelines”
17 Vacation packages Articles “suggest a post” Vacation packages
18 Cheap plane tickets Articles “submit an article” Cheap plane tickets “submit an article”
19 Travel channels Articles “contributor guidelines” Travel channels “contributor guidelines”
20 Travel news Articles  “submit news” Travel news “submit news”
21 Cheap airlines Articles  “become a guest blogger Cheap airlines “become a guest blogger
22 Budget Travel Articles  “guest blogger” Budget Travel  “guest blogger”
23 Last minute travels Articles “looking for guest posts” Last minute travels “looking for guest posts”
24 Travel sites Articles  “guest posts wanted” Travel sites “guest posts wanted”



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