Things to Consider Before Moving to London

There’s no disputing that London is one of the most visited cities worldwide, and thousands of people move to the city every year for various purposes. However, many do so without undertaking enough research. No doubt, moving to a new location halfway around the world can be very confusing. There’s a lot to know and learn in advance before taking the plunge. If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a list of things to know before moving to London. We touch on accommodation, finances, and many more.

1.     The Cost Of Accommodation

London is known to be very expensive, and the housing costs remain higher than that of other cities in the United Kingdom. However, although rent averages around £1,600 a month, it often varies depending on the neighborhood and the type of accommodation. With this in mind, if you can’t afford a private apartment to yourself, you should be able to find affordable rooms to rent in London that suit your budget. To make the cost easier on you, budget as much as 30 percent of your salary for rent every month.

2.    Internet Connectivity

When you’re new to a city, staying connected to friends and family is of utmost importance. Be prepared to invest in a pay-as-you-go sim card or a data plan once you arrive in London, as these are the most affordable means of staying connected with people outside the country.

You might prefer to connect to the free WiFi services offered in most institutions, but keep in mind that free connectivity is usually exchanged for your personal data. If you don’t mind exchanging personal information, look out for restaurants and bars that allow you to connect free of charge.

3.     Financial Planning

As mentioned earlier, London is one of the most expensive cities globally. The cost of living in such a city won’t come cheap. You’ll most likely spend huge amounts of money monthly to thoroughly enjoy your stay in the city.

Besides grocery, rent, and travel costs, you also need to consider the various taxes to pay. Examples include the television tax, council tax, renters insurance, transportation, and utilities.

With London being a capital city, many public areas where socializing is possible feature inflated prices which means you spend a chunk of your monthly budget on cocktails and drinks.

4.    Transportation

With the rising costs of basic utilities, any chance to save needs to be optimized. So it helps to invest in an Oyster card—one of the highlights of London’s smart travel system. With your oyster card, you can use the London train, tube, and bus systems, which include the Docklands Light Railway. The great part is that you can purchase the Oyster card at any tube station or online, and with it, you have 24-hour access to different transportation services over a period.

5.    Health Services

Health services in London require you to register with your local general practitioner or GP upon your arrival. The process might be tedious, but it’s necessary and very helpful if you plan to stay for the long term. To register, you’ll need proof of residence and an address. Look up all the health centers within your postal area, and select one for your registration.

Lastly, always come prepared for the London showers and storms. It rains very frequently in this capital, so you always need to be on alert mode with your umbrella and waterproof clothing. With all these tips, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life in this beautiful city. 

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