Complications of Breast Implant Removal

Are you facing any discomfort after removing the Breast implants?   

What is a Breast implant Removal?

         Removal (Explantation) of breast implants is considered to have some complications, although it is done with most care. You can schedule a consultation with us for your clearance.

Breast implants Lifespan

       Generally, breast implants lifespan is guaranteed to 10- 20 years by the FDA for most Silicone and Saline Implants. But it may sustain beyond the duration. Mostly an individual can have 1-2 replacements in their entire life.

Breast implants removal

 The reason for Breast Implant removal is,

  •       The individual might change their mind
  •       They are facing complications due to breast implant augmentation.

Breast implantation surgery can be done with replacement or with breast correction surgeries.

What might be the complications after Breast Implant removal?

     General complications

     There are some general complications you might get when you undergo any major surgeries.

Anesthetic complications:

   Normally this surgery is done either with General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia. The complications are,

  •       Nausea & vomiting
  •       Sore throat
  •       Laceration
  •       Nerve injury
  •       Teeth damage
  •       Allergic reactions
  •       Anaphylaxis
  •       Malignant Hyperthermia
  •       Long term effects – Postoperative delirium

        Postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

  •       Hematoma formation
  •       Backache
  •       Headache


Like all major surgeries, Breast Implant removal  also has the risk of,

  •       getting infected in and around the scar.
  •       Infection in where the implant was placed before.

The postoperative recovery is delayed due to infections.

Thrombosis/ Blood clot  ( Deep-vein Thrombosis) in legs:

  •       Swelling and redness in the legs.
  •       Veins in the leg will appear larger than usual.

Pulmonary embolus/blood clot in lungs:

  A blood clot forms and travels to the lungs via the vein. The symptoms you might have due to this are,

  •       Pain in the chest and upper back.
  •       Short of breath
  •       Blood in cough

Specific complications after Breast Implant removal

    The specific complications may vary on individual health. Not everyone who underwent Breast Implant removal surgery will have these Complications.

 Sensation lost in the Nipple: 

  Four types of incisions are used in Breast Augmentation surgery.

  •       Transaxillary incision
  •       Inframammary incision
  •       Areolar incision
  •       Transumbilical incision

Among these, Periareolar and Inframmary incisions are most commonly  used by the plastic surgeons.

   If you had your augmentation surgery with a Periareolar incision, you might already be having a loss of sensation in the Nipples. This is because the nerves in the Nipples are cut accidentally during the surgery, as they are so tiny for visibility.

  Obviously, your Breast Implant removal surgery also will have the same incision to avoid scarring. So if you still have sensations after Augmentation, you might not have the same after the implant removal surgery.

Excessive scars: 

   With our developing technology, the scar production from incisions is lessened nowadays. Depending on the individual healing modes, you might have a prominent scar. As this incision also is made on the original incision.

 Breast Sagging: 

Sagging is the first problem you will be facing right after your recovery. Generally, initial two weeks after your surgery, the breasts will look deflated. Later on, it will gain the volume back. If you didn’t do a breast lift, you might have a caved-in appearance.

   The gravity works here well. Your breast might sag like before or worse than before.

Loose skin: 

  Loose skin combines with breast sagging reasons. And specifically, the longer duration of having the breast implants will make this happen. The elasticity of the skin is increased after having an implant for so long, which makes the skin loosen up.

Loss of confidence:

 Maybe you are not happy or there are complications after your breast augmentation. Breast implant surgery will increase your self-confidence with a body-positive image. Contrarily it will decrease your self-confidence by all its drastic appearance if maybe you had Breast Augmentation with DD cup size. But your actual size is a B.


  Due to the age factor and weight alterations you have, the breast might look asymmetrical after healing.

 Look as a Mastectomy:

    If the breast implants are getting removed due to implant rupture, or if your implants might get ruptured while removing means, the implanted gel will leak into the breast tissue. In that case, your plastic Surgeon has to remove those breast tissues, to avoid connective tissue disease and inflammation.

  Apparently, your Surgeon needs to remove that certain amount of breast tissues where the gel leakage happened. This is not an exact Mastectomy. But you might have the look of a Mastectomy due to the lose of part of your breast tissues.


   If your breast implant removal surgery is not a necessary treatment which is not needed means, you should have to pay for the surgery by yourself. 

   Complications depend on the individual.

 The individual body response is the main factor for all other complications. This plays a major role in healing and getting back to normal. 


   Age plays a certain role here. Older women, after their breast implant removal, can’t go back to the prior shape of their breast.

More significant weight changes:

   A significant amount of weight changes gaining or maybe losing will also not give you the assurance of bouncing back to your own breast size.

Hormonal changes: 

   Here the collagen and the elasticity of the skin are getting reduced due to hormonal changes. So here also you can’t expect the previous look of your breasts.


1.Q.How will I know I have got an infection in my breast?

Ans. Your breast will look red with swelling, with shiny skin over the swelling. It can be treated with draining and the help of medication.

2.Q.What should I do for loose skin and sagging after the removal of my breast implants?

Ans. The doctor might suggest you have a breast lift if you didn’t have it done with removal.

3.Q. Why did I have numbness in my breast?

Ans. You will have a loss of sensation in your breast up to six months after your surgery. It might vary for individual health.

4 Q.  What will happen if my breast implant ruptures?

Ans. If you implanted the Saline-filled implants, the rupture might not affect you seriously as the Saline is generally harmless and absorbed by the body.

If you implanted the Silicone gel-filled implants, you need to consider it immediately as the Silicone gel is Carcinogenic and toxic in nature. Your Surgeon might remove the breast tissues, which are all exposed to the gel leakage.

5 Q. How can  I correct the look of Mastectomy after Breast implant removal?

Ans. If you optioned not to replace your breast implants after the removal,  your breast would look away more different than the image you had before. In this case, Breast Reconstruction is advised.

The space where the tissues are removed is replaced with your own tissues transplanted from another part of your body. 

Every Complication will have its own Solution. 

      So, we assure you that you do not worry about the complications you face after your Breast Implant removal surgery. Every medical condition is curable and correctable with advanced technology development in the medical field.

     Consult with our doctors for a detailed discussion of the problems you are facing after Breast Implant removal and get a clear explanation of the treatment procedures that you might need.

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