Dental Treatments for Kids

Toys for dental office is one of the most important aspects of one’s physical health. From a young age it is important to maintain a healthy smile and prevent decay and cavities. While adults have several options for receiving dental treatment and operations, children are more limited because their teeth are not fully developed. Their baby teeth are falling out, new teeth are coming in, and their enamel is not as strong as a fully formed adult enamel.

These are 5 treatments that are advisable for children at the dentist. Each of these treatments are available at the dentist Brisbane Smiles, one of Australia’s leading cosmetic and surgical dentistry. Remember to always consult a dentist before deciding on which treatment to give a child.

  1. Teeth Cleaning

This is the most common treatment dental patients receive and the most important for children to receive as well. Cleanings help eliminate plaque build-up that cannot be taken care of by regular brushing. It can be especially hard to floss and brush away tartar in baby teeth. Only a dentist’s tools can clean the teeth at the necessary quality. Children and adults should visit the dentist for teeth cleaning twice per year.

  1. Sealants

Another preventative treatment children are eligible to receive are dental sealants. These are thin layers of protective coating that closely resemble clear plastic and are placed on the parts of teeth used for chewing. The sealants help stop cavities from forming by preventing food from coming in contact with and getting lodged within the teeth.

Dental seals are easy to apply because they harden within minutes to allow for the child to eat. They are clear and relatively unnoticeable when applied. They provide an extra layer of protection without requiring invasive or chemical treatment.

  1. Space Maintainers

These products are custom made plastic or metal pieces meant to protect the gap in a child’s smile where they lose a baby tooth. The dentist will form the space maintainer around the gap, creating a boundary between the surrounding teeth. The pieces are comfortable to wear, nearly invisible, and made to fit the patient’s mouth.

Space maintainers help keep the teeth that are remaining from moving until the gap is filled by a permanent adult tooth. Without the space maintainers, baby teeth surrounding the gap can shift and get in the way of growing adult teeth. This can lead to a crooked smile down the road and cause pain for the child.

Another positive aspect of space maintainers is they are much cheaper than getting braces and do not require a long-term commitment.

  1. Mouth Guards

If your child plays sports or a physical activity that puts them at risk for hurting a tooth, a custom mouth guard made by the dentist is a smart option. The gear can be molded by the dentist to snugly, yet comfortably, fit the child’s mouth and better prevent dental trauma.

While mouth guards can be bought at a store and formed at home, guards made by the dentist will be the most effective. The strongest mold with the best fit is a much better option to prevent trauma than a cheap plastic piece.

  1. Fluoride Treatments

The final process to discuss with your child’s dentist is applying fluoride to their teeth on top of routine cleaning. Fluoride is already found in most toothpaste and is a great way to strengthen the enamel. This will help combat acidic foods and drinks that cause tooth decay.

Fluoride is one of the more underrated aspects of preventative treatment because of its simplicity. It is very common yet plays a key role in building a stronger smile.

Now that you are familiar with dental treatment options for your child it is important to remember to always consult with their dentist on the matter. Different treatments may be more or less necessary depending on the child’s needs and smile.

If you are looking for a dentist to begin improving your child’s smile, Brisbane Smiles is the first place to stop. They provide each of the previously discussed treatments on top of cosmetic and surgical procedures for adults as well.

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