Becoming a Swimmer: Tips and Techniques

A direct response to this question is simply to engage in swimming. However, there are things you put in place before you start swimming, and that we want to guide you on how to start swimming and become good at it. 

Swimming helps you sleep better, feel more relaxed, and helps you get fitter, as it involves the movement of almost all your body parts. Research has shown that only after eight weeks of swimming, subjects enjoy an increased fitness level of 10%, an overall energy level of 51%, and a sleep quality of 40%. 

Also, research shows that swimming isn’t just restricted to physical benefits, but involves mental benefits. Swimming participants reported a 33% decrease in negative emotions and a 35% increase in positive feelings according to a research conducted by Mindlab International. 

The best time to become a swimmer is during the summer in preparation for the triathlon season. During the summer it is expected that you complete your set workouts in preparation for the swimming competition period. 

At swim hub, we provide you a swimming schedule that is designed to improve your swimming skills and techniques. You can visit here to know more about us, and how we help become a swimmer. 

We have compiled a few pointers that will aid you to start swimming and become a pro at it, ensuring you continue to swim all through the season. Here are a few of our tips: 

Averagely, try to swim at least two to three times a week. You’d become a better swimmer when you swim more often. The less you swim, the more likely you’d lose your swimming techniques. 

  • Swim Using a Good Technique:

    we know that this statement sounds a lot easier to say than to execute. However, to become a pro at swimming it is advised that you spend most of your time swimming on the side rather than on your belly. 

Learn how to properly place your hands while you swim and glide through water while learning a swimming technique. Also, properly position your head, and side rotation while you kick. 

If you take out time to learn the importance of the balance of proper stroke mechanics, it will motivate you to master a good swimming technique or even more. 

  • Do your Drills:

    Master your drills. For most people, drill work might appear vulgar, but it is essential. These drills help you to focus on specific techniques. Even if you just manage to go through with just a few strokes, using your arms, head, elbows, hands, and feet, it’ll make you a better swimmer. 

  • Learn to Use your Swim Toys:

    to be a better swimmer it is ideal to use your swim toys. Popular toys that can aid your swimming techniques include flippers or fins and paddles. Flippers aid in the improvement of your kick strength and ankle flexibility, enabling you to swim faster. 

Paddles help to improve your arm and shoulder strength, thereby improving your technique. Be deliberate to incorporate the use of toys into your workouts henceforth. However, we advise that you should not overwork yourself to avoid injuries and unnecessary fatigue. 

  • Learn to Challenge Yourself:

    test yourself by completing the long and hard workouts as frequently as possible. These workouts include tempo work, interval training, or springs, ensure you push yourself to go through with the workouts. 

However, take the necessary rest in between the workout to catch some breath as it is essential. It might seem hard to push yourself to complete this workout but you think of the cardio and endurance you’d gain from this workout, it will challenge you to push yourself. 

  • Learn how to Bi-Lateral Breath:

    it sounds scary as it involves that you breathe using your weaker side. However, it is essential if you want to reduce your rate of anxiety during a swimming competition.

Learning this helps you to know how to breathe with your weaker side during a competition. By doing so, you can avoid the obstruction of water on your face during the summer. Hence, we encourage that you learn to prepare yourself ahead of such occurrences. 

  • Join Masters Swim Class:

    There is no better way to challenge yourself than joining a master’s swimming program. Due to the competitive nature of such a program, your swimming technique will inevitably improve. It is also a great way to meet with professionals to learn from them.

We recommend that you go and get your cap, Google, and swimming suits and start learning how to swim and become and become a better swimmer with these few tips we’ve highlighted. 


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