Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Eggs

Most women globally feel the pressure of starting a family early. Most wish to get kids when the right timing is right, not when they are biologically capable. If you are a candidate, do not worry because modern drugs have been evolving alarmingly, giving you more control over your reproductive health. Hoboken egg freezing is one of the advancements that has been gaining more popularity than before you can choose. Now, let’s examine some important reasons why you should freeze your eggs.

Improved Quality

As women grow old, their egg quality continues to deteriorate, contributing to increased infertility rates, defective births, and miscarriages. Fortunately, freezing eggs can assist you in preventing this high rate of deterioration. When the eggs are frozen or fertilized after 15 years, they will work as they would have the time they were frozen. As a result, a 45-year-old woman can breed with her 30-year-old eggs.

Organ Failure, Infections, and Other Health Complications

In most cases, several health complications can impact the quality of your eggs and fertility, including endometriosis. This condition is responsible for the growth of uterine tissues outside the womb. Freezing eggs will give you hope if you undergo severe disease that may minimize fertility. Moreover, cancer chemotherapy and other treatments normally interfere with fertility. Egg freezing can aid in reducing the effect of some cancer treatments on fertility.

Relieve Fertility Stress

Researchers assert that stress is a contributing factor to infertility. As you get more stressed in your life, the more chances of experiencing problems getting pregnant. Therefore, if you are in a setting that constantly pressures you to conceive, you are more exposed to stress that may impact you in the future. Luckily, egg freezing gives you a chance to unburden these pressures and have kids at the right time.

Safeguard Your Egg’s Health

Women likely to develop endometriosis or cancer are more prone to poor egg health. Therefore, egg freezing may be the ideal option to secure their fertility after receiving treatment for these severe diseases. You should know that even though egg freezing may be a vital option when you are waiting to get pregnant, it is not fit for everybody. If you have any questions about freezing, consult your healthcare specialist.

Career and Other Personal Factors

To most individuals, getting a career and becoming a mother are equal. Some women prefer having a family first and later focusing on a career. Alternatively, others may prefer to focus on a career and have a family later. If you are among those who prefer a career to a family, freezing your eggs can be the best option. This procedure can allow you to find a safe relationship, concentrate on your goals and effectively manage your life by getting pregnant at the right time.

Getting an unplanned pregnancy can be devastating and embarrassing. If you are stuck getting a preventive method, egg freezing can be the answer. Where can you get the service, though? Fertility specialists offer outstanding facilities at University Reproductive Associates (URA), Hoboken, New Jersey. The team experts are experienced in providing egg freezing to preserve long-term fertility and advise you about the benefits and how to get started. Schedule an appointment with them today by calling or booking online.


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