Benefits of Physical Therapy

People of all ages benefit from physical therapy when they have ailments, injuries, or medical problems that impair their normal range of motion and functioning. A personalized physical therapy Medford can help individuals regain their previous level of performance. It can also encourage practices and lifestyle changes that improve overall health and well-being, lower the likelihood of new injuries, and prevent obesity.

 Here are the benefits of physical therapy;

 Boost your mobility

No matter your age, physical therapy can help if you have issues moving, standing, or walking. You can improve your mobility with strength and flexibility exercises. Physical therapists can examine for orthotic prescription and appropriately fit a person with a crutch, cane, or other assistive equipment. By developing a customized individual care plan, every activity that is essential to a person’s survival may be practiced and tweaked to ensure optimal performance and safety.

 Recover from a stroke

After a stroke, it is common to experience some functionality and mobility loss. Physical therapy strengthens weak body parts while assisting with gait and balance. Physical therapists can also help stroke patients move more quickly around the bed, increase their independence about the house, and lessen their dependence on others for everyday functions like bathing, dressing, and toileting.

Avoid surgery

you may not require surgery as physical therapy helps you manage pain or recover from an accident. Even if surgery is needed, pre-surgical physical therapy may be beneficial. In many cases, if you are strong and in better physical condition before surgery, you will recover from it more rapidly. Additionally, avoiding surgery may help to reduce healthcare expenses.

Physical therapies or other non-invasive therapies like the high impact cryotherapy can help you manage pain without having to deal with the anxiety of surgery.

Enhance your balance to prevent  falling

You will undergo a fall risk assessment when starting physical therapy. Physical therapists will offer exercises that test your balance safely and gently while simulating real-life situations if you are at a high risk of falling. To help you restore your coordination, your therapists may offer you exercises and walking assistance. Physical therapists can perform activities that can quickly restore appropriate vestibular functioning and lessen and even eradicate vertigo or dizzy sensations when a vestibular system issue brings on the balance issue.

Manage vascular and diabetic problems

Exercise can successfully control blood sugar when it is part of a complete diabetes management plan. Additionally, people with diabetes may have problems with their feet and legs. Physical therapists can help by giving these patients correct foot care advice and teaching them how to do it properly to prevent further issues.

Reduce pain and avoid painkillers

 Although prescription painkillers, when used as directed for medical treatment, can be helpful in some circumstances, the growing opioid crisis has brought to light the potentially harmful side effects and addiction risks associated with opioid usage. The CDC has recently called for a decrease in opioid painkillers and increased use of secure substitutes, the first of which is physical therapy. Medication covers up a patient’s discomfort without addressing its cause. Physical therapy targets the cause of a patient’s pain for long-term relief and is a safe, non-invasive technique to manage pain, especially chronic pain.

Physical therapy can help treat your pain and improve your mobility and balance. Call Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center to book your appointment for physical therapy.


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