Discover the Best Activewear Brands for Women: Fitness Favorites

Casual attire that promotes functionality as well as finesse has nowadays become an indispensable need for almost every female, and this is where the wardrobe of workout clothes for women comes into play. In the present era gym wear for women has emerged as a separate category especially in women’s clothing line. Breathable and soft material that not only gives off a stylish look, but also provides adequate support to the body, reduces sweat and odour, and does not restrict movement, is essential for all women planning to engage in any form of intense physical exertion or exercise. Gym wear for women lessens the strain on their body parts which can help in reducing the pain and aches, otherwise experienced during and as after-effects of an active workout.

When you hear the phrase workout clothes for women, the first few characteristics that come to mind, apart from appearances, are usually comfort, stretchability, and durability. Stated below are some of the leading brands which are currently providing a diverse variety of women’s workout clothes, of both, good quality and at economical rates.


The brand that first comes to mind when thinking of workout clothes for women is without a doubt SQUATWOLF. This brand is known for its comfortable yet aesthetic designs and super-soft material. Their female fitness clothing line consists of various activewear that is flexible and cozy, with a sophisticated vibe to it as well. This not only aids you in your daily workout, but also boosts your self-confidence by making you proud of your own physique. Gym wear for women offered by SQUATWOLF have a wide variety of variations in terms of designs, sizes and colours which helps you choose the one best suited to your needs in order to make your workout sessions worthwhile.

The women’s gym wear incorporates gorgeous design schemes, top-notch fabric and modern tech innovations which makes their products well worth their prices. Hence, with this brand you are sure to have a comfortable and hassle-free workout.


The second brand on the list is also a good competitor in today’s market of workout clothes for both men and women. Their products are not only stunning in terms of looks, but are also durable and comfy. You can complete your daily exercise routines with the most efficiency while using the activewear of Ryderwear.

The workout clothes for women are eye-catching and highly flexible, and so can be worn when you hit the gym as well as at casual meetups. They promote a sense of confidence and boldness in all their wearers.


If you are looking for a brand that specializes in attire made for yoga, then Lululemon is the brand for you. Their products have a calm and tranquil aura to them that helps clear the mind and refresh the body. Apart from this, they have also expanded their products to workout clothes for both men and women which is especially designed for arduous activities and exercises.

They not only offer a diverse range of high quality women’s gym wear but also other accessories especially produced while keeping in mind all the key necessities that would lead to a rewarding workout.

FP Movement

This brand is the most diverse one on the list. Free People (FP) is a company that produces and sells top-grade activewear, workout and gym wear, intimates, accessories, shoes and other personal care products for women. They have a mixture of athletic and athleisure clothing for women which provides you with a choice of top quality garments that you can use as gym wear, as well as for your daily casual wear. The prices are kept very economical while the standard is never compromised upon.

Olympia Etal

Olympia Etal is a brand that also centers itself on female apparel including gym wear for women.  This brand focuses on providing high-quality essentials for women while also keeping their products eco-friendly. This is done by using chemicals and dyes that are less toxic to the environment. Their products mainly involve comfortable workout clothes for women that can be worn all year round. In-spite being a commercial-scale business, their involvement in this list is purely based on their product’s superior worth and carefully crafted pieces.

The Takeaway

It is guaranteed that through this list you can easily find a wide array of workout clothes for women which are to your liking and under your budget. All the brands catalogued above are the top companies in the category of producing gym wear for women. As a personal preference I tend to lean towards SQAUTWOLF, mainly because they have not only continued to produce high quality apparel but have been improving their products, with every new launch, through use of advanced modern technology and innovation. Regardless, as it is said, to each their own – so preferences can vary, but rest assured this list above will surely cater to each and every one of your workout requirements.

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