Surviving the First Week with Braces

Dental braces are a good option for managing dental misalignment. The oral appliances have the additional benefits of delivering a beautiful smile and improving your bite and oral health. You can learn if you can benefit from braces by working with experts like dental braces Flushing specialists. However, your first week of using the orthodontic appliances can be challenging, and you need to learn how to withstand it as your body gets used to the new strange pieces of metal in your mouth. Once you are over it, nothing can stop you from getting the beautiful straight smile you desire. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Ensure You are Ready to Go Before Leaving the Clinic

Before leaving your dentist’s office, it is important to be sufficiently prepared for your recovery. Feel your braces using your finger and check the wire ends to ensure they are safe. Talk to your doctor if you feel like the wires are extended in a way that can poke your cheeks. Also, ensure you understand the next step before going home. Ask all critical questions about your recovery and know what you are supposed to do next. Ensure you get all the supplies you need as you go home, or list other necessities you might purchase later.

Eat Carefully with Your New Braces

You might be cleared to eat as soon as you leave the office, but you must be careful. It is important to stick to softies first until you are used to the devices. Understand that your mouth could be sore, and you better stick to soft veggies, soup, seedless bread, pasta, yogurt, and soup. You only have to wait several days to get to more solid foods.

Ensure You Have Braces Wax

It is common to experience irritation in your mouth due to brackets rubbing your soft tissue. Although they are designed to be gentle, you might experience irritation until you are used to the braces. Fortunately, you can counter this effect using special wax provided by your dentist. Your cheeks and soft tissues will toughen over time, and you will experience sore spots no more. Talk to your doctor if the irritation persists even after waxing.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

After getting a brace, it is crucial to continue taking care of your teeth. Consult your doctor for additional care tips to ensure no food is left stuck in your hardware. Use a special toothbrush to clean our teeth twice daily or after meals to eliminate food particles. Also, continue flossing but carefully eliminate any particles from your teeth. Rinsing with saltwater can help minimize irritation as you adapt to the braces and fight off bacteria.

Focus on the End Results

Braces can be overwhelming, for starters. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the results at all times. No matter how challenging the first days can be for you, always remind yourself about the greater good of the treatment. Remain positive, and once you get used to the devices and begin enjoying a perfect straighter smile, you will be grateful. Staying positive will also help you avoid low self-esteem with the metal piece in your mouth.

Everyone adapts to braces differently. However, taking proactive steps can make every step of braces enjoyable. Get in touch with the House of Braces specialists to understand better. Your provider will help you through your adaptation phase with braces.


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