Preventing Dog Bites: 5 Tips

Many people are fond of pets around them, which are vital for security and comfort. If you are among the millions who keep the dog around, you must learn how to ensure the safety of your kids and everyone around your pet. It would be best if you boosted your interaction with your dog to avoid bites or skin scratches once they are irritated. When you or your kid encounter Spring animal bites from your pets, you should seek an immediate remedy to avoid complications such as rabies. Here are the tips that can help to prevent dog bites.

Keep the Right Dog

One of the sources of animal bites is the family dog necessitating you to adopt a family-friendly type of dog. Since dog breeds have different personality traits, it is good to research the mannerism of the pet before taking it to your compound. You can request your seller to take you to the puppy’s parents to assess their behavior as they may not deviate too much from those of the puppy.

Respect Your Pet

Dealing with your dog without care can increase the chances of a dog biting you or your child. Therefore, you should learn to respect your dog and avoid irritating them. For example, you or your child should not pull your dog’s tail as this can make them angry, consequently nipping your hand.

Understand Your Dog’s Language

Learning your pet’s body expression is vital in reducing the chances of animal bites. Avoid common myths you could have heard, such as a wagging tail implies that your dog is cheerful. Your dog could imply other things even when it is flapping its tail. Keep off your dog and give them ample time for relaxation when you observe a sudden head turn and furrowed brow since they could be warning signs for your dog.

Evade Extremely Exciting Games With Your Pet

Some games, such as wrestling and tug of war with your dog, are quite interesting at first. However, your excited dog may reach their peak and nip you due to anxiety. Therefore, you should avoid highly engaging games with your dogs. Replace those activities with minimal contact games such as fetch that do not upsurge your dog’s anxiety.

Monitor How Your Child Interacts With the Pet

Most children do not know that their family dogs can get irritated sometimes, leaving them vulnerable to dog nips. Coach your kid on how to interact with your family pets. It would help if you also traced any moments when your kid is out there with your dog.

Millions of people worldwide are fascinated with the family dog and cannot imagine living without them. Pets are very colorful and loving when you learn to interact with them effectively. However, pushing them to the corner may end up biting you. If you experience an animal bite, you should not worry since Houston Medical ER has a remedy for you. The facility has skilled physicians who provide different treatments to patients with animal bites to prevent their situation from worsening. Call their Houston office today to get started with their quality services.


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