Understanding Platelet-Rich Fibrin

You probably must have heard about platelet-rich plasma. It involves using your blood to get your provider’s platelets as a treatment. Other than to stop bleeding, platelets repair damaged cells and have growth factors that promote natural body healing. You can also use platelet-rich therapies for beauty treatments. Besides platelet-rich plasma, platelet-rich fibrin is also helpful in healing and regenerative functions. The Kingwood PRF treatments specialist at Natural Obsession Aesthetics uses platelet-rich fibrin to treat injuries and promote your skin health. Keep reading to learn more about platelet-rich fibrin.

What are PRF treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma is typical and used to treat various conditions. It has a high concentration of platelets and comes from your blood.

Platelets contain properties used for healing and regenerative purposes. They help in injury recovery and restore healthy skin.

Platelet-rich fibrin or PRF is an advanced level of PRP. Like PRP, your provider uses your blood to create PRF but adds more filtering and extraction steps to make the healing process more robust.

PRF has no added chemicals or synthetic factors. It is the purest form of your body’s healing ability.

How do PRF treatments work?

Platelet-rich fibrin works by activating healing and skin strength. It triggers tissues to form a 3-D tissue matrix to enhance stability and smoothness. PRF has platelets and healing proteins that promote your skin health.

The PRF treatments stimulate collagen regrowth, especially when administered to a specific area. They promote tightening, smoothing, and softening of the skin. PRF therapy improves skin elasticity to enhance an overall youthful complexion.

PRF has more stem cells than PRP. The stem cells act as healing cells, enhancing cellular regeneration to improve your optimal skin health.

What to expect during PRF treatments?

There are different ways to apply PRF treatments, including during a micro-needling session. Microneedling involves creating several tiny bruises on your skin using tiny needles. The skin absorbs PRF through the small holes, stimulating healing deep into your skin.

You may also apply PRF using injections as an alternative to facial fillers to eliminate facial wrinkles and folds.

What skin complaints can you address with PRF treatments?

You can use platelet-rich fibrin to treat various skin issues, including scars, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots.

PRF is suitable for various body parts but is more effective on your jawline, cheeks, nasolabial folds, under your eyes, and temporal hollows. PRF causes your skin to become raised, enhancing natural tissue regeneration and youthful plumpness.

What are the benefits of PRF?

PRF is way more effective compared to PRP. It uses your blood naturally with no risk of side effects. It has anti-aging growth factors that promote collagen growth reversing signs of aging.

You can easily use PRF on any part of your body or face. It’s nonsurgical and promotes quick recovery. In addition, you can combine PRF with other treatments for a more exceptional outcome.

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