Reducing Stress for Your Wedding

Your wedding is likely going to be stressful in at least some capacity, but that shouldn’t be the overriding feeling. The primary focus should be on the excitement and happiness of the day, and there will likely be some nerves thrown in there too, but having those mild anxieties spill over into full-blown panic could derail the day and your memory of it.

There’s no reason for it to feel like that, and while simply ‘not worrying so much’ might be useless advice, there might be more practical steps that you could take in order to approach your wedding day with a newfound sense of confidence. Allowing others to help you with some measures can stop you from carrying the brunt of the pressure yourself.

Planning Ahead

Again, this a suggestion that might not sound all that fruitful given the amount of time and effort that goes into planning a wedding. However, it could be that by focusing on so many of the larger elements of the event, you forget about the smaller things that might cause you stress on the day. Looking into whether there are big sporting events or something similar on the day can inform the travel plans of everyone involved, for example. Alternatively, it might be that you’re unsure of certain aesthetic directions to go in regarding accessories or makeup, meaning that looking into inspiration or makeup tips for your wedding day could be advisable.

The Guest List

The people who come to your wedding as guests can provide the day with as much joy as the event of getting married itself, but this won’t be true for everyone across the board. Some people might not get on, or there might be some people that you feel a certain obligation to invite for one reason or another. It’s important to remember that this is your celebration, and if you feel as though a particular approach to the guest list might derail the day into something out of your control, you can modify it to resemble a day that better suits your ideal.

An Element of Acceptance

This is a day that many people, understandably, want to be as perfect as possible. This can mean that when things do go wrong, the impact that this has on them might be much more severe due to the perception of heightened stakes. If you’ve decided to have your wedding outside, for example, but find that the weather isn’t what you hoped for on the day, it can be easy to despair and think that the whole day is ruined.

It’s incredibly difficult to consciously shift yourself away from that kind of despair once you find yourself in the midst of it. Therefore, learning some coping techniques beforehand and understanding how to be more accepting of what you can’t control might help to remove a lot of stress from these kinds of situations. This might help you to have a happier and more comfortable day regardless of what comes your way.


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