Beginner’s E-Bike Buying Tips: Choose the Perfect Ride

Electric bikes help improve your fitness and make journeys a little greener. Buying your first electric bike comes with many highs. You want to buy the right bike and enjoy the experience it brings. It’s not an overly difficult decision but doesn’t present a challenge, especially since it’s your first one. You want the best value for money but also a bike that is versatile and suits your riding skills. So, what tips might you need to know when buying your very first electric bike?

Ensure It’s Efficient

There is no point in buying an electric bike that isn’t energy efficient. This may not be something you initially think of, especially since you’d easily assume all electric bikes are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, some are more energy-efficient than others and it’s crucial you find one that comes with a high-efficiency rating. You want to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure the bike is eco-friendly. 

Make Your Requirements A Priority

Firstly, electric bikes have different purposes and are designed for a wider audience. So, while you have many options, they might not all be suitable for you. It’s essential to take a few moments to consider what you need in an electric bike. For instance, you might need a bike that offers greater battery life if you plan to go on long-distance rides. A middle motor system, however, might be more suited when you plan to tackle hills or steeper terrain. Knowing your specific requirements will enable you to narrow your electric bike options down considerably. 

Shop At a Reputable Retailer

Bike shops are easy to come by and most look respectable from the outside. It’s important to find a seller, however, that is honest and reputable. You want to look for a store that has a range of quality-made bikes and at an affordable cost too. It’s crucial the shop has friendly, welcoming staff with a good range of knowledge. Look elsewhere when a store doesn’t offer this because as a first-time buyer, you need all the help you can get. 

You should also look at their range of electric bikes. Are there many in the store or just a handful at the back? Ideally, you want a store that specializes in electric bikes. This ensures they are knowledgeable and have top brands too. 

Use Your Gut Instincts and Intuition

When your gut tells you something, there is usually a good reason for it. You should listen to it, especially when it comes to buying an electric bike. When your intuition or gut tells you a deal is far too good, there must be a hidden catch, then go and find out if it is. For example, you’ve been looking around online and found an electric bike. It’s a high-end electric bike but only costs a thousand dollars. It certainly sounds like a great deal, on the other hand, your gut is telling you something different. 

You should always listen to that instinct because it might just prevent you from buying a cheap knockout. Worse still, the bike might be stolen, and the seller could be looking for a quick sale. Instead, take note of what your gut is telling you, and when the deal seems unrealistic, walk away. It’s about protecting yourself and it’s always worth putting the effort in to ensure it’s worth investing your money in. 

Set Your Expectations High

Often, you’d be told to set your expectations low so that you can’t be shocked when something fails to meet your standards. It’s different from electric bikes because they’re revolutionary. They’re transportation but more versatile than standard bicycles. It can be a life changer and it’s crucial you get a bike that meets your expectations. You should always say what you need and want in a bike so that you can get the perfect match. 

Ethical From Creation

Electric bikes are sustainable and have become an eco-friendly solution. Being environmentally friendly, however, isn’t just about the bike reducing carbon emissions, it’s about how sustainable the bike really is. The origins of the bike – how it was created – are important to know. You need to be sure everything has been ethically sourced and will last for a considerable length of time too. For instance, the battery should be able to handle at least six hundred charge cycles and be recyclable.

These minor details might not seem overly crucial when you’re buying, however, it matters if you want to follow a green ethos. Knowing the origins of the electric bike puts your mind at ease and can feel assured, you are truly using a sustainable form of transportation. 

Consider Taking a Test Ride

While you don’t think about taking an electric bike for a test drive, it’s a useful idea, to say the least. Riding the bike before you buy it can help ensure you choose a model that’s suitable for your requirements and skill level. There may be many opportunities to test ride a bike too and you shouldn’t pass on this. You can take notes during the ride which might help you decide which bike is right. 

A Warranty Is a Must-Have for You

Warranties are often an afterthought and you probably don’t think it’s necessary since electric bikes are built to last. This is a big investment, however, and it doesn’t matter whether you pay a thousand dollars or fifteen. You must protect your investment because it’s a sizeable amount to play with. Warranties give you peace of mind and act like a safety net. They can be used when something goes wrong, and the bike needs minor repairs.

For example, you buy a top-of-the-line electric bike with a one-year warranty that covers the cost of parts. You have had the bike for less than six months and have had an accident. Fortunately, the warranty could be used to cover a portion of those costs. You could also get a warranty that covers the motor or battery. They do vary but are crucial to have. This is a standard feature of any electric bike, and you should never purchase one without it. 

Be Wary of Dirt-Cheap Electric Bikes

You want to invest money in an electric bike, but you may not want to spend thousands either. It’s entirely possible to shop locally and get an affordable electric bike. There is, however, an old saying – ‘you get what you pay for – and that is something you should listen to. You might be tempted into buying something that’s beautiful on the surface but ugly underneath. For example, you buy an electric bike for less than a thousand dollars. There is no warranty, and it isn’t a brand name you recognize. Within six months, the bike breaks down and costs you thousands to source the parts. 

That is not cost-effective and certainly not exactly eco-friendly either. Instead, invest in a quality electric bike that will last several years. Spend time researching the bike and ensure it’s a quality machine that’s in good order. 

Buy The Best for Your Cycling Needs

Electric bikes can be fun but expensive and buying one for the first time can be a challenge. You haven’t much experience in this area and can easily be duped into believing any electric bike will do. It is important, however, to remember that all bikes are different. They are made differently and have different purposes. Some are geared towards long-distance riding and others for tackling everyday commutes. You need to carefully decide what you need now and look at the efficiency of the bike, whether it comes with a warranty, and how affordable it is. Find the bike that works for your requirements. 

By Trevor Fenner

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