Tummy Tuck Recovery: What to Do

If you’re thinking about getting a Tummy Tuck in Birmingham to shape and reduce your belly, it’s crucial to understand how a proper post-tummy tuck recovery may help you get the greatest outcomes.

First and foremost, everyone’s recovery will be unique. Your healing time will be determined by your wellness, age, size of your body and tummy tuck procedure. It’s critical to allow your body ample time to recuperate properly. After the surgery, you will need to stay overnight in the hospital.  Your cosmetic surgeon will also provide you with particular post-surgery instructions. You’ll have everything you need to help in your recovery.

Timeline for Tummy Tuck Recovery

You will be escorted to a recovery room as soon as the procedure is completed. Your incision will be monitored and checked by a nurse, and you will normally be ready to return home within 2 days following surgery.

While you’re in the hospital, your cosmetic surgeon will advise you on how long it will take you to recuperate, how to care for your incisions, and when you may return to work, sports, and other activities.

The First Couple of Days Following the Procedure

You’ll require a close friend or family member to transport you home, so make arrangements ahead of time because you will not be able to drive. Drainage tubes will most likely be used to assist in removing fluid from your belly.

Because you will have limited range of motion, you should plan for someone to assist you at home. During the first several weeks, stiffness around the belly area is fairly frequent. It is recommended that you walk slumped over for at least two weeks. You should be able to walk upright after two weeks. This is the ideal moment to begin incorporating mild walking into your daily routine. Keep in mind not to overwork yourself.

It is usual to experience stomach aches and pains, as well as discomfort. Make sure you take your pain relievers on time as advised by your cosmetic surgeon.

Weeks 1-2 Following Surgery

Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time, carrying heavy things, and excessive mobility during the first two weeks. For best relaxation and healing, it may be necessary to take at least a month off work, depending on your field. To aid your recovery, make sure you have enough food and drink plenty of liquids.

If you have a bunch of obligations, hiring house assistance for two months after surgery is a good idea. You shouldn’t resume physical exercise until you have received permission from your surgeon. After two weeks, you will be able to start driving again and gradually ease back into regular tasks.

Taking a bath will be a huge challenge. To make bathing easier, you should shower while sitting in a chair or use a sponge.

After the procedure, you will most likely have scars that will take some time to diminish. Don’t be alarmed; your body will mend at its own rate. The key to a healthy minimal scar is getting enough rest, following the surgeon’s recommendations, and avoiding smoking.

One Month Following Surgery

At the one-month milestone, constipation is fairly prevalent. To prevent constipation, eat high-fiber meals. Over-the-counter stool softeners will also help with constipation. Drink plenty of water as well.

Make follow-up consultations with your surgeon to confirm that everything is going well. Even if the healing process is going smoothly, don’t abandon your appointments. It will eliminate any hassles and protects against unanticipated risks.

After a month, most patients are able to return to work. Consult your cosmetic surgeon prior to returning to work, if you have a physically intense job.

Two Months Following Surgery

For the first two months after surgery, or until your surgical site is completely healed, avoid swimming in pools. This will prevent any infections from developing in the incision site. Eight weeks following a tummy tuck, you should be able to resume physical activity. Be sure to talk with your surgeon before resuming any type of exercise.

What If I Have Excessive Fat in My Thighs and Upper Arms?

Liposuction surgery is an excellent alternative if you have extra fat located in your thighs, upper arms, hips, etc. Liposuction is a procedure that not only gets rid of excess fat, but also shapes various body parts. Consult your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about this procedure.

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