Enjoying Horror Movies with Kids

Fear comes from elements that one cannot see or fail to understand or come across by surprise. Many people, especially kids who have experienced something unusual around them in the past might need your attention. Where there are different elements of fear, there are different levels or degrees of fear too. These levels and degrees of fear vary from person to person. Some kids get scared of frightening creatures, sounds or sudden images, or even a sudden occurrence of events. This can be something that you have to be careful about at times.

If we talk about scary movies that have scary images, intense danger, loud noise or a lot of blood and gore, and other violent scenes, it creates all types of disturbances. There are different phobias kids have that can cause anxieties, sleep disruptions, and fear of the unknown. For instance, kids of around 7 years or less can’t differentiate between reality and fiction. So, if you are a parent, you should practice the following while selecting movies for your kids.

Know What Your Kids Like to Watch

Be aware of the types of programs, shows, and movies your kid is watching. Also, make sure that it is appropriate for kids of their age group. A good practice is that you watch the horror movie you are trying to show them at least up to a few scenes just to be sure.

Be Careful While Choosing the Movie

Take extra care while selecting the type of movie for your kid. Keep in mind that your kid shouldn’t get too scared as it might damage his/her mental health. Try to revolve around animations as they make it easier for them to understand that it is just fantasy. Always avoid dangerous audio/visual content that can harm their cognition or emotions in any way.

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Be Ready to Cope-Up With Things That Frighten Your Kids

If your child gets scared in the middle of the night, make sure that you give them physical comfort, a glass of water, or anything that can distract them from their scary thought.

At first go for something that doesn’t scare them badly. Even at any point in time, they do get scared, you can stop the movie and guide your kids about the different aspects of the horror movie and go down up to their level and let them know about the characters they might get scared with. Let them decide if they want to continue watching the movie or not.

Help Them Understand the Ambiance

You need to tell your children about the ambiance and background of the horror show. For example, you can tell them things like, “Oh, this movie was shot in the morning, not at night”, or, “It is based on a fictional story. There’s no such building/villa in real”, etc.

You need to tell your children that a lot of shooting takes place in daylight because of better image quality and graphics. If your child knows and understands the basic things, they will become less scared. You can tell them how some of the voices have been created from different animals or robots.  This will surely help them to sleep soundly at night.

There Might Be an Issue If Something Frightens Your Kid for a Long Time

There is nothing alarming or astonishing if your kids start to develop a certain fear of something. Kids tend to handle their fear for a long time. Sometimes they tend to love it. There are some intense moments in the movie that add the fun factor unless their resolution is coupled with a successful conclusion.

You can tell them about how these creatures are created and there is nothing to be scared of. It Is a good idea to show them a few behind the scene sessions where experts create these creatures out of costumes, makeup and motion capture technology, and so on.


There are many things that you can do to handle the element of fear in your kids. Do your research and watch a scary movie that conforms to his/her age group. Also, get your teenagers acquainted with some of the horror/suspense classic movies. This will be something that they do not watch today and miss out on an amazing experience. For this, cultivate more interest in the young ones and discuss the different aspects of the movies after you are done watching them.

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