Understanding the Need for DOT Physicals

The DOT physical is a mandated physical examination for most commercial driver’s licenses. When you are driving, you must be physically fit. To show that you are physically fit, you must pass the DOT physicals Hackensack. If you don’t pass the exam, your license will remain suspended, and you must take a DOT physical exam to reinstate your license.

You can take a DOT physical exam whenever you want, but there are certain situations when you need one. Here are some of them:

You have been injured while driving

You must take a DOT physical exam if you have sustained an injury while operating a vehicle. It is because it will help determine whether or not your injuries are severe enough to prevent you from driving in the future. You will also need to know if any drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash that caused your injuries.

You have had a surgery

Suppose you have had surgeries or procedures done on your body that requires surgery or cast removal, it is essential to have a doctor examine you and test your blood. That way, the doctor can see how well the body heals itself after such procedures. They will also be able to determine whether there were any complications due to such surgeries or procedures.

You have a medical condition

If you have any medical condition requiring you to be examined by a doctor or nurse before driving, it’s time for a DOT physical exam. These medical conditions include arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, and many other chronic ailments. Suppose you have had these problems within the past few years, and the government will require you to take a DOT physical exam as soon as possible. In addition, if you have had any surgery on your body, such as heart bypass surgery or knee replacement in the last year or so, then it is also recommended that you take a DOT physical exam.

You want to apply to be the U.S. government employee

If you want to apply to be a U.S. government employee or to be in the military, you will also need to pass a DOT physical exam to be a civilian employee. The same goes for any job where driving involves waste management companies that haul trash around town, limousine services that pick up passengers at airports, and taxi companies that drive around town picking up fares.

Your license has been suspended for any reason

You can be fined and or lose your license if you have been involved in an accident. You can also lose your license if you are charged with an offense that makes it illegal for you to drive. The Department of Transportation may suspend your license if it finds out you have lied on your application or insurance information. Suppose you have been convicted of DWI or driving under the influence. In that case, your license may be suspended until you go through rehabilitation programs, attend classes and pass tests to prove your competency and ability to control your behavior behind the wheel.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires various physicals for employment, training, and licensing. Many other organizations also require the DOT physical. If you are interested in getting your driver’s license, you need to take a D.O.T. physical exam. Contact All Health Medical Group to determine when you can take your DOT physicals.


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