Common Mental Problems Requiring a Psychiatrist Visit

Over the years, there has been an increase in mental-related disorders. These conditions interfere with one’s mood, thinking, perceptions, and behaviors. The patients suffer to effectively carry out their work, maintain stable relationships, and enjoy a quality life. The main problem with most mental problems is that it is hard for individuals to know they have a mental problem. This makes them delay worsening the condition. Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC offers the best treatment for individuals suffering from varying mental problems. The following are the common mental problems that require you to visit a psychiatrist.

 Anxiety Disorders

 Individuals with disorders respond to some situations with extreme fear and dread. It is associated with physical signs such as rapid heartbeat and sweating.   People are known to have this disorder if their response is not proportional to the situation. Furthermore, the person with this disorder cannot control how they respond to the issue since their anxiety affects their normal functioning. Some anxiety disorders include; social anxiety, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, and specific phobias.

Psychotic Disorders

The person usually has a distorted awareness and thinking. The two common signs are hallucinations and delusions. Delusions are instances where a person has false beliefs that they believe regardless of available evidence that negates them. On the other hand, hallucinations are when a person has false images, and sounds that they believe are real.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

People with this disorder are affected by constant fears and thoughts that carry out certain routines and rituals. Most disturbing rituals are known as compulsions, while the thoughts are known as obsessions. For instance, a person can have an extreme fear of germs prompting them to wash their hands constantly.

Impulse Control and Addiction Disorders

Individuals with impulse control disorders lack the power to resist the urges and impulses to carry out acts that could harm them and others. For instance, the person could have pyromania, the urge to start a fire, kleptomania, the urge to steal, or compulsive gambling. Most people suffering from these disorders are also addicted to drugs and alcohol. Since they engage in the objects that they are addicted in, they begin to neglect their relationships and responsibilities.

 Post-Traumatic Disorder

 After suffering from a traumatic experience, people are expected to recover after some time. However, others never recover from this condition, or the situation worsens. Some common traumatic events include serious car accidents, war-related events, physical or sexual abuse, torture, or natural disasters. After suffering from these events, these people are worried that they could be repeated in the future. If you have these conditions, you should consider visiting a psychiatrist.

Are you having a mental condition affecting your quality of life and are desperate to seek help? You should not worry since Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC is here to help you. Dr. Winfield collaborates with a team of specialists to help you recover. They are ready to listen to your condition and worries and offer the right treatment based on your condition. Visit the facility to mark the end of your mental illness.


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