Timeless Strategy: Guest Posting for Promotion

Since content marketing has become one of the priorities of online businesses, bloggers have followed different strategies to achieve better results, including guest posting or guest blogging.

The years pass, and it seems that this practice does not decline despite the trends or the degree of competition that may exist in each sector; Virtually every professional who has a blog has ever been willing to write and host guest posts.

I, whenever I have the time and the possibility for it, I encourage this type of collaboration in my blog and try to have a presence in other media, because it brings a series of benefits that you will discover in this article.

For you to take note, in this post I will talk about all this:

 What is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging?

The first thing I want to talk to you about is what a guest post is and what it means to put it into practice as a strategy because by analyzing what we are talking about, you can assess and decide if it is something that interests you.

If we had to summarize what guest blogging consists of in a few words, you would surely agree with me that it is based on participating as a guest in another blog, I distinguish my own. But do you know it’s not just that?

Writing guest posts is an online marketing strategy , and it is also a networking strategy.

Guest Posting as a Branding Strategy

When you practice guest posting, you are doing online marketing actions, since it is about giving visibility to high-quality content in other media to positively influence your online reputation.

Guest Posting as Networking Strategy

At the same time, you are working on expanding your network of contacts, as relationships are established with other colleagues in the sector through collaborations via blogging.

It is, therefore, a complete type of strategy that, as we will see below, presents many advantages for your brand.

Guest blogging allows you to reach a wider audience, but also that other agents in the sector know your capabilities.

  Benefits of Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

Benefits of a Guest Posting or Guest Blogging strategy

Guest blogging can be analyzed from two perspectives since it is an entirely bidirectional strategy:

  • From the position of the host that gives his blog to publish guest posts.
  • From the author’s position, you go to other blogs to share your content.

My recommendation here is that you try to live the experience from both sides, regardless of which medium is the most relevant, because you should give more importance to the mutual collaboration with other professionals to establish win-win relationships.

Why publish posts by invited authors?

We will start analyzing what benefits you will be able to perceive if you are going to create a blog (or already have it) and include third-party participations:

  • Greater variety of content: The invited authors will contribute new points of view, offering a complete experience to the readers.
  • Broad target audience: Not only will you reach your audience, but the followers of that author will have the opportunity to know your blog.
  • Greater visibility on social channels: The most natural thing is that you share the contents of your blog and that the guest author also does so on their social media profiles.
  • More productivity: By having quality content written by others, you want that time, in which you don’t publish, to prepare other content.
  • New ideas for the editorial calendar: Guest blogging helps you have quality posts on your blog even when it is hard for you to find new topics.

Opening your blog to other writers is an opportunity in many aspects. If your blog has a lot of experience, collaborators are more than likely to offer to participate without you having to search for them.

However, keep in mind that, although many bloggers are looking for healthy collaborations, you will also find competitors who try to take advantage of these opportunities, camouflaging for “guest blogging” what is really about “link building” undercover zero cost.

Not all offers that come to include a guest post on your blog are equally interesting, even some will not suit you.

So, you should pay special attention to the professionals with whom you engage in this type of collaboration, as there is a tendency to make unfair competition through the inclusion of suspicious links or anchor-texts that seek to compete for our same keywords and make us fall in the rankings.

Why do guest posts for other media?

If we look at this type of strategy from the author who participates in other blogs, the benefits are different but also precious:

  • Transfer of authority: It is quite common that, naturally, in a guest post, you can include a link to some content of your site, with which you will transfer domain authority to it.
  • More scope: You have the opportunity to reach new readers who do not yet know you or are not however faithful followers of your publications.
  • New opportunities: Writing in other blogs allows you to be known by other professionals, and you leave open the possibility of new business opportunities.
  • Possibility of doing something different: When writing in another space, you get a few your own rules to abide by the style of your host, which allows you to write on other topics or focus it with a different styles.
  • New visits to your blog: Readers of the host blog may be interested in your content, receiving more web traffic after this action.

Participating from this side in guest posting strategies is usually more interesting to beginner bloggers who want to give themselves visibility and get an excellent transfer of authority.

However, and unfortunately, the more referent the host medium is, the more difficult it may be to give up space, or at least to do so with the right to a link. Think that you should focus on real opportunities in which everyone wins.

  How to follow a Guest Blogging Strategy

How to follow a Guest Posting or Guest Blogging Strategy

A priori, it may seem simple to start collaborating but, like any strategy, it requires planning (it is not about “meeting people” or “making friends”).

In guest blogging everyone must earn something, and so you must make it look to the other side, leaving aside your professional interests.

Therefore, whether you participate as a guest or if you are the host, I recommend following these tips to make guest posting intelligently:

1) Know your competitors

Before offering as a partner to collaborate on another blog or accept external collaborations, you must analyze whether or not the other party competes professionally with your profile or business model.

Ideally, look for blogs that are complementary to your business. For example, if you have a travel blog focused on selling tourist guides, do not try to make a guest post in a medium for the same purpose, but on pages that offer complementary services such as accommodation or tickets for attractions.

In other words, join professionals who can discuss complementary topics and have no positioning interests that compete with yours.

2) Contact without intrusions

If you are the one who will make contact to make guest blogging, do it in the most convenient way; Do not try to impose your wishes or pursue the other party with successive emails.

Keep in mind that you can meet people who are not interested in this. Accept it and keep looking for possible collaborations.

Here are some excellent tips to start contacting potential interested guest guests:

  • Search your circle: Starting with familiar people will always be more comfortable, and will bring you new opportunities to expand the circle.
  • Accept the rules: If you’re starting, even if you have the experience, don’t try to impose your style or correct the other party in your guest posts. Each blogger has his way of writing, and you must accept it because, if you are not interested, it will be enough not to collaborate.
  • Give facilities: Whether you or the other party has made the first contact to make a guest posting, be kind and transparent with what you are willing to accept.

3) Prioritize quality in each guest post

Although the interest for many is to insert a link to transfer domain authority, in guest blogging, what should prevail above all is the quality of the content.

To promote that both your guest posts and those of your guests, add value to the readers. Remember that it is an opportunity to attract new traffic and expand business opportunities.

So much so, that in my case I keep the quality of my texts to the maximum (and even exceed it) when it comes to sharing in other blogs.

4) Do not leave the collaboration after publishing

Keep in mind that comments are likely to be generated, and even after some time, opportunities for new projects are born, so you should take care of your relationships with the professionals and media that you decide to do guest blogging.

5) Be generous in your social networks

There is a person who is willing to leave a space in your blog or collaborate in yours, so you can not forget to be generous; Under no circumstances do you present the situation as if you are doing a favor.

My advice is that you do not hesitate to share the content generated jointly in your networks, and you recommend it to others also to do it (all the web traffic that is made is convenient for both parties).

  Errors to avoid in your guest posts or guests

Errors to avoid in your guest posts or guests

I don’t want to finish this article without talking about the most common mistakes when it comes to focusing your guest posts strategy. Mistakes that many people make but that you should try to avoid.

  • Do not confuse guest blogging with the exchange of links: You have already seen that it is about generating quality content (the links are secondary).
  • Do not be self-centered: Guest posting is not about talking about yourself in other spaces.
  • Build relationships: Do not limit yourself to publishing unique articles; long-term professional relationships will contribute much more.
  • Do not despise other media: We all want to appear in the most leading and famous blogs, but other more modest spaces can also offer you great opportunities.
  • Keep in mind that we have all started from scratch: Listen to the proposals of those who start and keep them in mind. They may surprise you!
  • Keep your blog up to date: Think that if you talk about something outside, those readers may seek to expand the information on your blog.


Guest posting is a strategy that has been working for a long time and that today still interests many bloggers. It is a complete experience that, well managed, can be a great source of opportunities.

As a final reminder, tell you that to start a guest blogging strategy like this, you have to be willing to extend it over time and not do it as something timely.

The real benefits will begin to appear if you are willing to expand your circle of contacts and open your mind to other collaborations.

Remember that it is not an exchange of links, but a complete experience in which all parties are expected to give their best.

Do you usually make guest posts on other blogs in your sector, or do you accept guest authors in your editorial calendar?

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