Azure Virtual Desktop: Empowering Your Online Business

IT systems are more important than ever in the business world. More and more processes are being conducted with hardware and applications, and it’s essential these are functioning as expected for a company to be both effective and productive.

The issue is that a traditional IT system doesn’t come cheap. It also requires ongoing maintenance and expertise to ensure it functions as expected. Add in remote work to further complicate things, and these challenges can be tough to deal with for a business.

Fortunately, there are solutions available. Arguably the most effective is Azure Virtual Desktop.

For the uninitiated, Azure Virtual Desktop by Microsoft is a virtual desktop interface solution. This provides users with access to the Windows platform and necessary applications, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Making the move seamlessly

Before you can start experiencing the benefits available, you first have to make the move to Azure Virtual Desktop. Migrating to the cloud can be a tricky process – particularly for those with limited IT experience and expertise. This is why it makes sense to leave the work to a specialist Azure provider.

For example, is an expert in all things Azure Virtual Desktop. By allowing them to bridge the gap, they can take care of all the stress and complexity of moving to the cloud. Along with removing this challenge from your plate, it also keeps downtime to a minimum for your business.

With that point out of the way, it’s time to look at the main advantages gained from using AVD.

Reduce hardware costs

Computers, laptops, tablets – devices like these can seriously add to a company’s expenditure list, particularly if they need to be purchased for multiple employees. The good news is that, by utilizing Azure Virtual Desktop, it’s possible to significantly reduce your hardware bill.

This is because the computing power for AVD is supplied through Azure Cloud instead of the physical device itself. As a result, you can purchase budget laptops and desktops without compromising on the quality of the desktop experience. Your budget can be lowered even further if you opt for a BYOD policy.

Scale with ease

It’s rare for a business to require the same computing power for each employee. Certain tasks require more demands than others. For instance, someone working on a Microsoft Word document requires significantly less power than a video editor.

By using AVD, you can effortlessly scale the amount of computing power needed for each employee. You also only pay for the exact computing power total you use – no more or less.

Enhance security efforts

Security is a major worry for any business in the digital age. With AVD, you are in a much greater position to defend against cyberattacks. Why? One of the big reasons is through effective patch and update management. Simply keeping an operating system and software up-to-date protects against most cyberattacks, and AVD makes it simple to install any update across all virtual machines.

Going back to the BYOD policy, keeping track of an employee’s device is difficult – especially in terms of them following security protocols. With a virtual machine, however, you know that all updates are done.

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