What’s Inside the Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit?

The Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit from USA Berkey Filters is the perfect accessory for your Berkey system. With it, you can simplify the process of filter cleaning and more efficiently maintain your BerKey water filter. The kit includes the Black Berkey Filter Cleaning Tablets, the Black Berkey Filter Cleaning Flux, our Red Berkey Small Diameter Brush, and a convenient bottle of distilled water.

Maintaining the health of your filter is essential to safe drinking water and the longevity of your Berkey system. Cleaning your filter frequently will also extend the amount of time you can use it between each cleaning. Your Berkey system requires proper maintenance for safe, contaminant free water, and by following these simple cleaning instructions you can keep your Berkey filtering long into the future.

No matter how attached you are to your water purifier, your filters need regular cleaning. In fact, proper maintenance is one of the best ways to protect the longevity of your Berkey water filter. Each kit contains everything you need to keep your system running perfectly, from replacement length filter elements to a hand-held sprayer for complete filter and plumbing cleaning.

Your filters should be cleaned monthly and replaced annually. The Big Berkey water filter already has additional pre-filters for purifying your water. But the maintenance kit is designed to clean the inside of the main storage tank, above and below the filters and should be cleaned as often as you like to help prolong the useful life of your unit.

If you don’t clean the filter, growth may occur on the inside. This will eventually block water flow. Water flow is what the whole system is based on. A clogged filter means no water flow, and no water flow means a big problem. So we recommend you clean it with this kit every three months. Cleaning the filter is quick and easy with this kit by simply pulling the booster pump handle outwards. After cleaning, put back into position and close the lid.

In conjunction with your normal water filter maintenance, many customers recommend cleaning the filter every couple of months to ensure optimal filter function and an end to potential clogging caused by sediment build up. After a year or two of use, you may find that you will have build-up due to hard water in the pipes, which should be cleaned out before cleaning the filter.

Berkey recommends that filters should be cleaned every six months and it is very important to follow these guidelines. The maintenance kit contains brushes and cleaning tablets to ensure the interior of your filter is hygienically cleaned, which optimizes use and prolongs the life of your filter. This kit has been designed specifically for the Berkey Pro products, but can be used with other Berkey Water systems as a generic maintenance kit.

During normal use, a Berkey water filter is designed to reduce and inhibit growth of microorganisms through a combination of carbon and silver impregnation. Occasionally, however, your Berkey filter may become dirty and require periodic cleaning. The cleanable media in the Berkey filter consists of four parts:  a) Outer Black shell b) Inner white ceramic element c) Activated carbon d) Silver impregnated material


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