Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit: All About It?

The Berkey ProCare Maintenance Kit from USA Berkey Filters is a kit made specifically to care for any ceramic and plastic parts of a Berkey water purification system. Since using harsh chemicals may damage the components of your filter, the ProCare kit includes a specially formulated metal polish and four specially-designed brushes, each with different tips. Use these tools to clean the metal parts of your purifier so that they always function at their best.  Keep your Berkey system in the best possible condition and operate at maximum efficiency for years to come with this maintenance kit, which contains three replacement filters. The pre-filter ensures that you have clear drinking water. For tougher cleaning jobs, use the carbon filter, while the sediment filter protects against any undesirable effects of water impurities.

The Pro Care Maintenance Kit is perfect for keeping your water purifier performing at peak efficiency. Your water purifier requires monthly maintenance to ensure maximum lifespan and performance. This kit contains everything needed for a thorough cleaning of the Royal Berkey™, and all other Berkey systems including an instruction manual with step-by-step instructions, a bottle of potassium citrate, a backflush device to clean the internal water passages, an instructional DVD, brushes and backflush instructions in Spanish. If you are unsure how to perform these steps, we highly recommend that you have your Berkey Water Purifier professionally cleaned by Berkey Filters.

Keep your Berkey chamber clean and running at peak performance with this comprehensive maintenance kit from Berkey Pro. Removes more foul contaminants than multiple-bottle cleaners and reduces maintenance time. Includes one black Berkey Pro dual action brush for cleaning ¼” or smaller openings, a concentrated cleaner for removal of tough stains, and two maintenance pads for use with the cleaner. For best results, replace pads for every gallon of water filtered through the system.  The Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit includes a ceramic filter, brass spigot and diverter, and cleaning tablets. All you need in order to keep your Berkey system running perfectly. The bottle brush is included as well.

Our Pro Care Maintenance Kits are designed to simplify the process of cleaning and care for all of your Berkey water filter systems. Each kit is customized specifically to the type of system in which it will be used, including replacement filters where applicable. The kits can also be customized to a specific use , such as home use or travel, by adding additional components that are related to a special purpose.

This kit includes a 1/2 gallon of Black Berkey Purification elements for the Big Berkey system and 14 8oz bottle of Black Berkey water elements for the hollow fiber systems. It also includes a 1/8 ounce of galena heavy metals cleaning element, many brushes and an educational booklet (which is not written by Peter Vesting), all in a convenient storage case that can be attached to the end of your berkey filters with velcro.  The was designed with the specific needs of Berkey filters in mind, and works to extend the filter life and improve filter performance. The Procare maintenance kit is a collection of pre-assembled replacement parts that you can use to restore your filter’s original cleaning performance and extend its lifespan.


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