Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit: Everything You Need to Know

The Berkey pro care maintenance kit from USA Berkey Filters is a very good investment if you own a Berkey system.  This kit will make it easy to keep your Berkey system in lasting working order. This maintenance kit can be used to clean all of the essential parts inside your Berkey. It is designed specifically for our Black Berkey system and contains a number of replacement components, keeping it in peak working order for years. The components included in the cleaning kit are: the manual pump, two sediment pre-filters, one carbon block filter, one pre-filter wrench and two water filters.

Your Berkey Water Filter and Purifier is a high quality water filtering system that serves as an integral part of your family’s healthy lifestyle. Its design ensures it will last for many years with proper use and care. To ensure the most optimal performance of your Berkey Water Filter, we strongly recommend cleaning it periodically and replacing the Black Berkey elements approximately every six months to one year, depending on the water you are filtering. In addition, we suggest periodically inspecting the rest of your filter parts to make sure they are working correctly, not overly worn or damaged, and free from plasticizer build up (if applicable).

Cleaning your stainless steel Berkey filter should be part of your regular maintenance regimen. Failure to do so may lead to a buildup of sediments within the purifier, as well as a significant loss of water purification ability. Clogged filters reduce the rate at which water can pass through the filters. This, in turn, increases the time needed for water to pass through the purifier and, in effect, the amount of time required for contaminated water to become pure enough for consumption.

When you invest in a Berkey water filter, you want to be sure that it will last you for years to come. All filters, however are at risk of getting clogged over time if they are not cleaned regularly. The cleaning kit included with every line of Berkey water purifiers is designed to clean both the big and small elements that can become clogged. Using these kits regularly can save your filter from clogging which can result in unhygienic drinking water or the need to replace your filter altogether!

Cleaning the filter on a regular basis is an essential part of using your Berkey water filter system. A dirty filter can reduce your system’s output and may decrease performance quality. Use the Berkey pro care maintenance kit to thoroughly clean your filters and get the highest quality distilled water from your system.  The importance of maintaining your Berkey is the master link to ensuring its continued performance. Neglecting regular cleaning and maintenance can result in poor quality drinking water. Or even worse, your Berkey could break down and cease to function altogether.

We strongly recommend that you clean your filter on a regular basis to ensure the water you drink is of the best quality possible. The delicious, clean water you enjoy from your system is produced by two filters working in unison for optimal performance…

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