Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit: What Is It?

Cleaning your Berkey filter is important for optimal performance and efficiency. The Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit from USA Berkey Filters will help to keep your water clean, safe, and tasting great by removing microbiological and chemical contaminants from your water filtration system, allowing it to operate at peak performance. This kit includes a cleaner, a stand for neutralization of cleaner, water flosser that keeps the intake hose clear of debris and microorganisms, and all the accessories you will need to ensure optimal operation of your unit.

The life of your Berkey product depends on how well you take care of it. The pro-care kit is a complete set of maintenance supplies to ensure your filter is clean and safe over the course of its lifetime. A thorough cleaning process is necessary to prevent clogging, deterioration, and other problems that may arise. This kit contains pro-care powder soap, a 1/2 oz bottle of white vinegar, and 6 ultra fine stainless steel filters that are used for fine sediment removal.

The Pro-Care Maintenance Kit includes everything needed to clean the Berkey Black Berkey and Travel Berkey filters several times. The kit includes 3 bottles of Black Berkey Cleaning Solution, 1 bottle of Travel Berkey Cleaning Solution, a large and small stainless steel bottle brush (one for each filter), an extra 16″ black Berkey Water Purification Element, and 2 Pro-Care Instructions. The black Berkey clean solution is designed just for the Black Berkey water filter. It will remove hardness and help maintain the integrity of the ceramic media while providing you with fresh tasting drinking water.

The ProCare Maintenance Kit is the answer to keeping your Berkey water filter working at maximum efficiency. It includes a bottle brush and flexible scrubber, soft cloths, and two brushes to clean the barrel of your Big Berkey Filter or Little Berkey Filter (not included). These replacement parts are also useful tools to have if you use the Big Berkey Light or Little Berkey Light (sold separately) since they fit into the same barrels as the Filters. The kit also includes a bottle of our 2-step Cleaning Fluid, a concentrated effervescent cleaning solution that helps clean hard-to-reach areas inside your Filter.

It is important to make sure your filter is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The kit includes: one 5 gallon bucket, one 2 gallon Tee, one 1 gallon Tee, and three brushes (1/4 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch). It also includes: six freeze resistant acoustic sprays which will remain liquid below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (-0°C) to ensure that the unit has a ready supply of treatment during freeze weather. Each of these sprays are gravity fed into the bottom chamber during the backwash cycle so that they clean out any debris lying in the bottom of the unit while cleaning out your upper chambers as they travel down.

It’s important to keep your Berkey filters clean. Food debris will degrade the performance and efficiency of your filter over time. The Black Berkey Filter Pro Care Kit includes a re-usable bristle brush and two bottles of our proprietary black Berkey Filter Cleaning Solution made from 20% food grade citric acid and will help extend the life of your filters.

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