Considerations When Buying Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are classic and superior jewelry items. Eternity rings are mostly used as an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary ring, or for other special moments. The unique style features stones, usually diamonds, set all the way around the ring for extra shine.

When you are planning to buy an eternity ring to celebrate your special moment, you will want to ensure you are highly informed on what different choices you have available. Eternity rings are an exceptional way to show your love and care for your someone special because eternity rings are the perfect gift for about any special occasion.

There are mainly two types of eternity rings you will find when shopping online or in jewelry store; the half eternity ring or the full eternity ring. A full eternity ring design will have your choice of stones that go all the way around the ring without any beginning or an ending point therefore giving the ring its name – eternity ring.

You can also buy eternity ring in a half style, which only has the stones going across the face of the ring. Half style eternity rings are generally simpler to create and size, consequently making them more affordable.

When people decide to invest in an eternity band, many people want to know how to evaluate the quality of an eternity ring. Considering a classic design for your long-lasting jewelry item and lifestyle is important to protect the ring to ensure durability and there are a few features you can look for when picking the right eternity ring for you.

Diamond Shapes

Eternity rings can be designed with a variety of different diamond shapes. Eternity ring style was most popular with a round brilliant cut diamond but now many other different shapes are available in the market. The round brilliant cut shape gives the most flexibility when it comes to size and price because of their availability. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider picking an eternity ring with a unique-shaped diamond.

Ring Setting

Ring setting is another important thing to consider when shopping for an eternity ring. From single prong to channel set style, there is a setting style for everyone. The choices offer varying degrees of protection and durability so think about how much you love your jewelry items and how often you want to wear the ring when picking your ring setting style.


The pave setting style is famous for its small size diamond set in a row for a superior look. It is quite hard to know where one diamond stops and the other one begins for extraordinary shine at all angles. Pave setting style is always in demand but may not be as solid as other setting choices. Small size diamonds require much smaller prongs, thus limiting the amount of wear and tear each prong can take. 

Prong Setting

Eternity rings with prong setting are often in demand because they show off more angles of the shiny diamonds. However, it is quite important to consider all of the different prong styles and their varying degrees of protection for your stones.

Single Prong Setting

Single prong setting rings are generally called as “floating diamond ring”, are unique in that they really highlight the shape of the stone. As single prong setting rings only have one prong between each of the stones, look for a ring design that has a bit of extra metal underneath the stone.

Shared Prong Setting

The most popular prong-style eternity ring setting that you will see is the shared prong ring. Shared prong setting style offers you exceptional level of flexibility when it comes to the design under the stones while still offering extreme protection against wear and tear.  

Channel Set

Want exceptional protection for your ring? A channel set style provides extraordinary protection when it comes to durability and protection on an eternity ring design. A channel ring setting style is characterized by a row of diamond set within two rows, or channels, of metal. This design has been a traditional jewelry design for years and can truly stand the test of time. You can wear this straight style stacked with other rings, or worn alone for a different look.

Metal & Stone Selection

No matter what cut type you choose, picking the right metal type first will go a long way in how much your eternity ring is going to cost you. Eternity rings now come in all major precious metal types: rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.

The final thing you will want to do to finish designing your special eternity ring is to choose what type of ring stones you want to wear. Diamonds are the most popular choice because they represent love and eternity just like your eternity ring. 

Final Thoughts

Eternity rings are considered the symbol for everlasting love and show the strong bond and commitment two people have. If you want to wear your ring all the time and are also very hard on your beautiful jewelry items, classic eternity rings may work best for you.

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