5 Easy Floor Cleaning Hacks for Summer 

If you’re looking for some easy ways to keep your floors clean this summer you’ve come to the right place! Summer brings fun and sun but it also brings messes, keeping your floors clean between all of that hustle and bustle can be a challenge. Read on for advice that will make keeping your floors spotless a breeze!

Hack #1: Limit what gets tracked through the house 

By limiting what gets tracked through the house will help prevent your floors from getting dirty in the first place. An easy way to do this is to buy a bin or a mat by your front door (or back door) and ask your family and friends to take their shoes off before they come in. This is a simple step that can prevent dirt, sand, water, or whatever else from coming inside with them!

If you have a pool or sprinklers to play in in the sun you might also want to strongly encourage everyone to fully dry off before going back into the house. Dripping water (especially chlorinated water) can be very damaging to your floors. It can wrap carpet and it can stain hardwood. Work smarter not harder and prevent damage in the first place!

PRO TIP: Read all about tips for maintaining tile flooring here!  We know you’ll love our post!

Hack #2: Clear the area 

Before you get started on cleaning your floors you’ll want to get big pieces of decor and furniture out of the way. If you only ever maintain the areas that you can easily access the rest of your floors will become neglected. Pesty things like sand can stick around for a long time if you aren’t thorough. Get ahead of the mess and move the couch a little now so you aren’t coming across the sand from your summer vacation at Christmas time!

PRO TIP: Use felt furniture pads to make moving furniture for cleaning easier. They’ll also help to prevent any scratches or blemishes. 

Hack #3: Maintain, maintain, maintain 

Don’t let your floors get too messy before you decide to clean them! Your floors could often benefit from a good cleaning even if it doesn’t look like it. By cleaning on a regular basis it’ll be both easier and more effective when you do clean. Keeping a consistent schedule will also help to prevent you from getting overwhelmed or discouraged. 

Hack #4: Get a small handheld vacuum 

Getting a small handheld vacuum can make cleaning up small messes a breeze! If someone spills some potato chips you don’t have to pull out the big vacuum later, you can just clean it right away. This will prevent anyone from just ignoring a mess that they made or worse yet, pushing it under the rug (literally)! 

PRO TIP: If you get a cordless handheld vacuum you can even use it to take care of spills outside! 

Hack #5: Deep clean before vacations  

Preparing for vacations can be a hassle. The thought of including cleaning your floors might seem like a headache. However, deep cleaning your floors before a getaway can be quite rewarding. Coming home to a spotless house makes ending vacation seem a little less bitter! Doing this also helps to ensure that your floors get a good deep clean at least once a summer. 


Summertime is full of fun but it can be hard on your lovely floors. Whether you have carpet, hardwood, or tile chances are you want to keep it clean! Use these hacks to keep your home looking stunning while you enjoy that summer sun! 

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