5 Critical Components for Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management is a medical approach to managing symptoms and slowing the progression of a long-term illness. Chronic illness can negatively affect your health and ability to enjoy life. Fortunately, various chronic disease management programs can help you take control of your life. In managing your chronic condition, you must consider multiple environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors. Talk to a chronic disease management South Charleston specialist to learn of ways you can manage your condition and live a happier life. Here are five key components that can help you manage your chronic disease.


Health screenings usually play a critical role in chronic disease management. They help detect the early onset and identify risk factors of chronic diseases. Screenings also decrease the mental and emotional burden of people at risk of developing chronic illnesses.

Early disease detection and intervention can help you save money and reduce the severity of your condition. For example, if you are at risk of developing heart disease or stroke, you might benefit from a blood pressure screening which can help you reduce the likelihood.


Making regular checkups with your doctor is an effective way of improving chronic disease. It enables you to check how far your condition has progressed and ways you can control it. If you have a recurring chronic illness, your doctor might provide tips to help manage it during your regular checkup visits. Also, regular visits allow you to air your concerns about symptoms that might interfere with your daily life. 

Patient Education

The best way of managing chronic diseases is through learning about various chronic illnesses, their symptoms, causes, and treatment methods. Discussing your experience living with a chronic disease can help you educate other chronic patients with a similar condition. 

Patient education can also help you gain the necessary skills for chronic disease management. Also, it can effectively help involve your doctor in your chronic disease management decisions.

Comprehensive Medication Management

Managing your chronic disease involves using various prescribed medications to improve your condition. However, you need your doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice on what medications are the most appropriate, safe, effective, and convenient for daily use. With proper drug therapy, you can effectively manage your chronic condition for years with no trouble. You will also need to strictly follow the time prescribed for each medication to increase its effectiveness.

Care Coordination Treatment

Care coordination treatment helps patients living with complex chronic illnesses manage their conditions. It can sometimes become challenging especially while still conducting daily errands such as working. To reduce the physical and mental burden of dealing with a chronic illness, your doctor or care providers might provide support and comprehensive care. Therefore, your healthcare costs might reduce by avoiding unnecessary tests, procedures, and admissions. As a result, you will have more time to manage your chronic condition and lead a healthy life.

Managing your chronic illness is crucial for your overall health. You can follow the guidelines from Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc., on effectively managing your condition without needing unnecessary procedures or admissions. Through a team of experts with experience in handling various chronic conditions, you can optimize the quality of your life and lead a normal life. Call their telephone number: 304-205-9480, or book an online appointment.


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