EMS Training for Post-Injury & Surgery Recovery

People get injured at some point in their life, but we cannot stop being injured by simply neglecting our work. This is not a big concern, but the main concern starts when we take a long time to get out of the injured session.

Our body takes time to recover from any severe injury. Additionally, at some stage of life, we need to get out of our injuries through surgeries. This is a critical situation where you need to deal with severe bodily damage, which takes time to recover properly.

Here comes the importance of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to speed up your recovery process. Well, most of us know that EMS training is mainly to lose weight or gain a perfect body shape. But if you dig into the particular instances of this process, you will gradually understand that EMS is more than what you think it is.

Well, there is another side of EMS training that helps us to recover from any injury or surgery.

What Happens When You Get Injured?

Post-injury, our body strength and muscle mass get badly affected, and we lose the intention of bodily movement as we desire. So, we take the help of physiotherapists or directly contact your physicians for better suggestions. But only a physio is not enough to push you up the mark that you cannot.

In such situations, you may find that people are struggling a lot to get fit or try workouts that they want to do, but their body does not contain that particular strength after injury.

So, you need to rebuild your strength through EMS training. It will give you extra energy to jump for your workout after an injury.

How EMS Helps Recover Post-Injury Conditions

EMS training is a smart process to not work hard. The main aspect of EMS for common people is to save time. If you work out daily, you will have to work out half the time and get three times better benefits than before.

Post-injury recovery is possible with this amazing system of workouts.

Let’s focus on the particular benefits of EMS training to the recovery process of injured people.

Muscle Memory

Just because EMS training helps weight loss, it does not mean that it cannot help in managing rehabilitation or injury recovery. So, here we go!

As a protective response to our body, after injury, our muscle memory shuts down automatically to prevent any further injury. Through EMS, we will be able to jump-start this process and also prevent secondary injury.

Pain Relief

EMS training helps to break the pain cycle for us. It is a great way to deal with injury-related pains or joint pains. Joint injuries are severe to bear. But with EMS, you can get rid of some pain through exercise.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

The major culprit of post-workout pain is lactic acid. Well, EMS training can reduce our post-workout stress significantly. It is a prominent process to deal with particular instances of work pain.

This is not directly related to injury pain, but this is a hint that EMS has the ability to reduce your bodily pain. The vigorous shake will help you to get rid of any post-workout pain. So, this is a prominent process to increase your workout abilities.

Muscle Strengthening After Surgery

A surgeon’s contribution to surgery is always 50%. And the other 50% is always the contributions and corporation of the patients. People do not realize that until you let them understand it. You can read more to understand the importance of EMS in our life.

However, EMS training is a great step toward recovering your body post-surgery. During this phase, the intensive activation of the tissues and muscles helps to create better stability altogether. It also improves your joint functions after surgery and helps you to eliminate any further injury.

Rebalance Muscular System

When a person gets injured, they lose mobility in a particular part of their body. Strengthening that particular portion becomes hard for people. But with EMS, things got easier.

Now you can rebalance your whole muscle system and become normal again. The electric impulses directly hit the major muscle fibers to activate the muscle system as a whole. So, not only are your already strong muscles, but the weaker muscles are also getting stronger.

Post-injury, a balanced recovery process is the better option.


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