Benefits of Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery: Top 5

Did you know that having a foot and ankle injury or deformity warrants reconstructive surgery? The answer is yes because reconstructive surgery helps correct these deformities and repair broken bones. Therefore, if you have any ankle or foot deformities, you are advised to consult specialists to help correct the problem. Similarly, repairing broken bones and damaged muscles, tissues and tendons help restore the function of your feet. Suppose you have a foot and ankle injury or deformity and want to undergo the procedure performed by the foot and ankle surgeon Alamo Heights. He also educates you on its benefits which are as follows:

  1. Improves the general appearance of your foot

Suppose you were born with or have foot deformities usually require reconstructive surgery to help correct or reverse the deformity. Doing so allows you to enjoy the comfort and improved function of your feet. Usually, when you have a deformity on any part of your body, your self-esteem and confidence are affected because you are not proud of how you look. You are also not confident socializing with other people because you think the deformity will be the center of attraction, and people will start judging you. However, with reconstructive surgery, all the above worries concern your physical outlook, including self-esteem issues.

  1. Pain relief

People having foot or ankle injuries experience a lot of pain and discomfort due to the injury. The reason for undergoing this surgery is to help repair broken bones and damaged tissues that might be causing you pain and discomfort. Even though surgery is not considered the first line of treatment for many conditions, there are severe concerns that can only be dealt with using surgery to alleviate pain and promote healing.

  1. Greater footwear selection

Any concern with your foot or ankle makes it difficult to fit in different types of shoes. In this case, you are only restricted to wearing certain shoes that will allow your foot to fit and walk without causing further damage. However, after undergoing foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, your foot assumes a normal shape that leaves you with a wide range of selections from which you can decide to wear a pair of shoes that you like.

  1. Prevention purpose

Foot and ankle reconstructive surgery help prevent some conditions, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. In most cases, such conditions usually require surgical interventions to prevent future deformation. It also helps reduce further injury, especially when you have a broken bone.

  1. Improves mobility

In most cases, a foot or ankle injury prevents you from taking part in your daily chores effectively because of the pain and discomfort resulting from the injury. The functioning of your foot, which is mobility, is also restricted until the injury has been repaired and healed. Therefore, if the pain you are experiencing is unresponsive to other forms of treatment, surgery is recommended to relieve pain by allowing your care to repair the injury. As a result, restoring the function of your foot, thus promoting mobility.

If you have any questions or concerns that require you to seek reconstructive surgery, you can schedule an appointment at Sports Medicine Associates today. The qualified experts in the facility perform foot and ankle reconstructive surgery using the most advanced technology for better outcomes.


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