Preventing Heart Diseases: 5 Crucial Tips

Your heart is one of the primary organs in the body, which cooperates with other systems in the body to keep you alive. This organ pumps blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to other parts of your body through the arteries. However, when you develop complications in your arteries, the oxygenated blood rich in nutrients may not reach all body parts effectively. Usually, the coronary artery disease Tomball occurs when your arteries have plaque buildup. The plaque accumulation in your arteries can restrict the blood flow, thus exposing you to life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks. Here are the self-care tips that can help to prevent coronary heart disease.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Your dietary plan plays a crucial role when it comes to maintaining the wellness of your heart. Develop a dietary plan with a high percentage of fiber meals and a low percentage of processed meals. Eating a meal with low-processed food reduces the risk of accumulation of cholesterol deposits in the major blood vessels. You should also reduce the amount of salt to avoid high blood pressure.

Be Active Physically

Individuals who are overweight are at a greater risk of heart complications. Therefore, it is good to reduce the extra pound in your body. One way you can achieve a healthy weight for your body is through physical activities. Develop a disciplined exercise plan for simple to complex exercises in your body. Exercise also helps to strengthen the heart muscles, thus increasing the effectiveness of the heart in pumping blood all over the body.

Quit Smoking

It may feel good when smoking, but you do not know what harm you are causing to your heart health in the long run. The nicotine components form the residues in the arteries, thus igniting the atherosclerosis condition that restricts blood flow. The reduced blood flow also interferes with other aspects of health, such as the immunity system. Therefore, you would want to stop this habit as early as today to avoid further complications in your heart.

Manage Your Stress

Daily stressful circumstances can expose you to heart complications in different ways. For example, when you are stressed, you have an increased heart rate which raises the blood pressure that may destroy the blood vessels. Therefore, you should adopt stress management measures such as listening to soothing music and meditating.

Give Up on Alcohol Consumption

Although some experts recommend drinking in moderation, quitting alcohol consumption wholly will bring many benefits to your health. For example, stopping this habit will help reduce the buildup of calories and reduce the chances of heart disease arising from excessive weight. While refraining from alcohol, you should keep checking the labels of other drinks since they may contain hidden alcoholic components.

Maintaining heart health largely depends on the lifestyle habit that you embrace. The above tips will help you live a healthy life and reduce the risks of heart disease. However, it is not all lost if you are among the million people with coronary heart disease. At Northwest Houston Heart Center, Roy Norman, DO, and A. Adnan Aslam, MD, FACC, FSCAI offer treatment options to patients with the symptoms of coronary artery diseases. Make an online booking or call their office to receive quality services.



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