Rising Popularity of Family Medicine

Have reproductive issues? Look for a gynac. Have cardiac troubles? Look for a cardiologist. Your Child gets unwell. Look for a pediatrician. Wouldn’t life be much easier if you could just have health care for your entire family under one roof? This is where Family medicine comes in and adheres to treating your entire family. It envisages holistic care and saves your effort of going around looking for good health service every time someone falls ill.

Family medicine has been around since the 1950’s and is gaining popularity since it provides the most efficient treatment to patients. A family physician knows you and your family inside out, works in your best interest, is always accessible and most importantly gives your family the attention and treatment that you deserve.

A good family medicine doctor can make sure you and your family are never unattended. Find a doctor like this example of a Meridian family doctor who is proficient, caring, and will not disappoint you.

Family medicine aims to treat the patient and not just his disease. It prioritizes the needs of the patient thereby increasing its demand.

How are general practitioners and family physicians different?

General physicians treat a particular age group. Pediatrics treats children whereas physicians treat adults only. Family medicine doctors however do not discriminate among patients with respect to age, gender, issues. They provide treatment for anything and everything. General physicians usually work in hospitals hence have to deal with a large number of patients, and family physicians have clinics set apart where they take in only few patients and focus on maintaining their wellbeing. General physicians specialize only in treating one aspect whereas Family physicians treat patients with an overall perspective and dedicate to treating selected few entirely.

Why do you need a family doctor?

Family doctors as the name suggests treat your family and are somewhat a part of it. They might not necessarily treat conditions requiring specialist’s attention but you can always consult them for the same. Family doctors possess the skills and are equipped to treat a wide range of medical issues, which indicates they might stay with you through your life.

Most people have one family doctor for decades and even generations. Family doctors monitor your health keenly and keep a record of your history. Therefore, they ensure precise treatment not only physically but also mentally. They provide regular checkups and also help you prevent and navigate severe illnesses.

Family medicine has roots in the biopsychosocial model of medicine wherein health is considered to be affected by biological, psychological, and social aspects of one’s life. Having a Family Doctor makes sure all these aspects receive attention and are dealt with efficiently. As a parent; you often might be skeptical about choosing a doctor for your child. With a family doctor, however, you can remain carefree. They not only provide treatment but also provide emotional support which is crucial in the times of illness of a family member. You can always knock their doors in times of adversity and they’ll never deny help and support.

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