Motorcycle Accident Injuries: Who Covers the Costs?

Encountering an accident while driving a motorcycle is highly dangerous as the margin of safety is much less when compared to cars or other vehicles. Moreover, driving a motorcycle requires higher skills and focus; an unskilled motorcyclist is highly vulnerable to accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can occur due to distraction, loss of control, or somebody else’s negligence. If you believe that your accident was someone else’s fault, you can hold them liable for your injuries and vehicle damage and get compensation by filing a lawsuit against them. Filing a case can be challenging if you lack sufficient law knowledge. Therefore, contacting injury attorneys in Huntington Beach can increase your chances of getting a fair settlement.

Common injuries that you can sustain from motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to severe injuries. They may sustain life-threatening injuries, or in some cases, the accident may result in the death of the motorcyclist. Injuries suffered by motorcyclists include:

  • Brain injuries.
  • Injuries to the spinal cord.
  • Internal organ damage.

Motorcyclists are advised to take all necessary safety measures to avoid accidents and prevent injuries. However, if they get into an accident, they are advised to get medical assistance immediately. 

Who pays for your medical bills? 

Even if your accident were due to somebody else’s fault, you would still have your medical bills initially. And once the negligent party has been proven responsible for the accident, they then pay your settlement.

Some victims have medical insurance that pays their medical bills. Depending upon the insurance policy, the bills are paid. For example, if the victim’s insurance policy does not cover a specific procedure, they will have to pay from their pocket for that particular procedure.

A few people add medical payment insurance to their vehicle insurance. In such cases, when a victim encounters an accident, the insurance company pays for their medical bills. Again the extent of bills paid depends upon the insurance policy.

Contact a lawyer. 

A highly complicated aspect of the law is who pays your medical bills, and proceeding without a lawyer can get very difficult. Who will pay the bill depends upon several factors, like whether or not the victim and the at-fault party have insurance. Moreover, If they do not have insurance, who will pay the medical bills? This is where a lawyer comes into play and sorts out complicated issues.

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