Top Motorcycle Trips Around the World

Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts, road-trip fanatics, and sunset wanderers- many of the world’s most breathtaking journeys await you.

If you love nothing more than the thrill of cruising along the open road, the freedom of travel and the roar of an engine, here are some of the very best destinations that planet Earth has to offer you and your motorcycle.

California, USA

America’s golden state is nothing short of bewitching. It’s huge, too, so anyone wishing to lose themselves in the glow of the warm sun and the shining coastline might be in for a wonderful treat.

California’s exceptionally diverse roads and scenic views regularly entice thousands of motorcyclists every single year, so the state is no stranger to riders.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are truly one-of-a-kind cities and should not be missed if you plan to journey down (or up) the west coast.

Plus, Route 66 is right there if you want to change course and take your cruising efforts across the entire United States.

Thanks to some wonderful motorcycle shipping services, finding a quote and transporting a motorcycle state to state in the US is now easier than ever before, so there is no need to let logistics put you off the journey of a lifetime.

Yorkshire, England

Known for its idyllic and unmistakable northern English scenery, literary greats, and of course, perfect roads for motorcycles, the county of Yorkshire makes for an exciting trip, to say the least.

In terms of where to go, you are spoilt for choice, but the Yorkshire Dales is the true hero of the motorcycling hour, as the area contains countless stunning vistas and an incomparable atmosphere.

There are many biker-friendly pubs too, so if you wanted to make the most of a visit to England and go the traditional route, you could stay in some of the country’s oldest inns as you complete your adventure.

Since you’re so close to Wales and Scotland too, you might want to check out the whole of what the UK has to offer, and as a motorcyclist, this will not disappoint.


It is hard to pin down an exact route in Norway since there are just so many outstanding trips to choose from.

The natural topography of the country, the famously friendly locals and the spellbinding dusks and dawns are worthy of any motorcyclist’s time, and there is plenty of different options to think about, whether you want a relaxing cruise or an edge of your seat adrenaline fiasco, Norway has you covered.

Some of the most notable routes and locations include the lavishly curvaceous Lysevegen Road, the beautiful and almost Tolkienesque Trollstigen, and the unmissable, unmatchable Atlantic Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Now for what might be the complete opposite of the brisk, cold air of the Norwegian mountains, the Great Ocean Road in Australia is one for the laid-back cruiser who wants to bask in the brilliance of the natural landscape.

Being able to stare out at the ocean as you traverse Australia’s smooth and unforgettable roads can truly be a moment for the ages.

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