5 Busted Myths Revolving Around PCOS 

Irregular patterns in the menstrual cycles are normal for many women, especially during their first menstruating years. Sometimes women console themselves from the fact that the menstrual cycle differs from one female to another. However, if you experience irregular periods for a long time accompanied by excessive hair growth in your body, you could suffer polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In that case, you should seek a reliable treatment option from a Garden City PCOS specialist to alleviate the distressing symptoms and live fully. While pursuing these treatments, you should understand the following busted myths concerning PCOS.

Individuals With PCOS Cannot Get Pregnant

Many women with this condition are in fear that they cannot conceive throughout their life. The reality, however, is that even if PCOS impairs your ovary’s capacity to release an egg for fertilization, you can still get a healthy baby. Different fertility treatment options, like follicle-stimulating drugs, can help induce ovulation.

Irregular Periods Imply That You Have PCOS

Although PCOS triggers an irregular cycle, other factors can make you experience abnormal periods. For example, you could have irregular periods because of uterine fibroids. Stressful circumstances can also impair the normal pattern of your period. Therefore, if your period falls outside the twenty-one to thirty-five days bracket, you should contact your specialists to find the underlying cause.

PCOS Should Never Bother You if You Do Not Plan for Pregnancy in the Future

Many people usually argue that PCOS only impairs a woman’s fertility. This misconception has made some people reluctant to the PCOS treatment, especially if they plan to get a baby. However, the reality is that this condition not only hinders infertility but can also cause other health complications, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Therefore, seeking treatment for this condition is crucial in maintaining overall health.

PCOS Symptoms Are Straightforward

You may think that you can easily assess PCOS for your body, but you are mistaken. The truth is that some PCOS symptoms, like weight gain, may overlap with the symptoms of other conditions, such as Cushing’s syndrome. In addition, your PCOS could also be asymptomatic due to small-sized follicular cysts, which may end up unassessed through the pelvic ultrasound.

Only Obese Women Can Get This Condition

Although this condition is prevalent among women with excessive weight, women with lean bodies can also suffer from PCOS. For lean women, the specialists usually diagnose the PCOS through an abdominal scan and a hormone assessment since the weight gauge could be misleading.

Millions of women worldwide suffer from PCOS, which undermines their life aspects such as skin texture. In addition, they risk becoming infertile in the future due to reduced ovary ability to release the egg for fertilization. Fortunately, if you are one of them, Women’s Healthcare of Garden City is here to your rescue. Dr. Gomes and a team of experienced specialists conduct an assessment and offer a reliable treatment option to patients with PCOS symptoms. Click an online booking tool and visit the facility today to receive quality services.


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