Common Myths About Ozone Therapy

Every individual has a risk of a wound at one point in life. Even though some wounds could heal naturally, others could require the specialist to engage in varying interventions. One commonly used intervention is ozone therapy due to its effectiveness in treating issues such as chronic degenerative diseases and aging. This therapy boosts the oxygen level in the blood to oxygenate the tissues in the individual’s body. You should embrace West Palm Beach ozone therapy treatment if you have a chronic wound. The following are the common ozone therapy myths you are likely to face.

It is Only for Sick People

Most people believe that people with serious illnesses should seek this therapy. Even if this treatment is used for sick people, it is also a holistic treatment that would help every individual to boost their overall health. There are instances where this therapy is applied as a preventative measure by improving the individual’s immune system reducing the risk of suffering the problem in the future. This process can also be applied to individuals of different ages regardless of their health condition.

It is Expensive

Most people care about the cost before choosing any treatment plan. The main reason is they do not want to start a treatment they will fail to complete. Most people have avoided ozone therapy due to the fear of cost. The truth is that even though this treatment seems high, it has a long-term impact. Moreover, some insurances cover this treatment, making the person pay less out-of-pocket cost.

It is Dangerous

Most people seek treatment since they are cautious about their well-being. They avoid a treatment that could have negative side effects. There has been a common myth that this treatment is dangerous since ozone gas is harmful when inhaled in large quantities. However, the truth is that it is safe when a specialist applies the therapy. It also stimulates the individual’s immune system while offering inflammatory effects. You should not worry since this treatment has an excellent track record.

It is Painful

Some people have been fearing undergoing ozone therapy due to fear of the pain they may experience. Even though the needle may cause small discomfort, the actual ozone administration is not painful. The person may feel a brief, sharp sensation when the needle enters the skin and no pain after the gas injection. If you experience pain after the injection, it could be a sign of a problem.

There is Only One Form of Ozone Therapy

Some people believe that there is only one form of therapy they are likely to have. However, there are three ozone therapy types: Minor Autohemotherapy, Major Autohemotherapy, and Intravenous Ozone Therapy. Before seeking treatment, you should understand the three therapies to know which therapy you are likely to have.

Have you been suffering from a chronic wound despite seeking different treatments and are about to give up? You should smile since West Palm Beach ozone therapy treatment is here for you. The facility has been popular for treating conditions that some people were terming impossible. Contact the facility to book an appointment to be part of its success story.


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