ACL Injury Treatment with Physical Therapy

What is the best way to recover from an injury? Usually, when it comes to treating injuries, the focus is on promoting healing and quick recovery. In addition, treatments also aim at restoring function and strengthening the injured part. All this happens when you work with professionals and specialists in physical therapy. The Pearland ACL repairs specialist at Crom Rehabilitation offers comprehensive care to enhance your recovery function after an injury. Let’s have a look at what recovery and healing for ACL repairs involve.

What is an ACL injury?

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is a ring of tissues that joins the thigh bone to the shinbone. ACL injuries are among the most common sports injuries. They usually occur after making a sudden stop or an abrupt change in direction.

It causes a tear on the anterior cruciate ligament. In some cases, for this injury, you may require surgery to enhance healing. It occurs when your knees experience stress or trauma.

An ACL injury causes severe pain and affects your movement and leg function. The specialists at Crom Rehabilitation offer treatments to improve the range of motion and promote your function. The team also works to reduce your pain and enhance your recovery.

What does physical therapy for ACL do?

It is essential to have rehabilitation for ACL injuries. Physical therapy allows you to get your flexibility back and improve the range of motion in your knee.

During your initial consultation, your provider conducts a thorough evaluation to assess your injury and develop a treatment plan.

Your physical therapist creates the ideal treatment plan to enhance your recovery. Physical therapy involves applying education, research, and proven techniques to restore your function. The provider works to promote pain relief and enhance your return to your daily routine.

The pre-operative ACL physical therapy at Crom Rehabilitation involves muscle training to enhance injury support, recovery, and overall function after surgery.

It’s evident that patients who undergo physical therapy before their operation recover quickly, resuming their physical activities sooner, compared to patients who never took physical therapy.

The Crom Rehabilitation team commits to ensuring your resume is your favorite activity. Pain can restrict your movement and prevent you from enjoying your life. Your provider diagnoses the cause of your problem to help prevent the injury in the future.

Physical therapy is critical in recovery, restoring your energy before the injury. Let the specialists help you improve and strengthen through the well-thought routines provided.

What to expect during your appointment?

Crom Rehabilitation offers patient-centered services. The patients work with individual patients to create customized treatment plans that cater to their specific concerns.

Physical therapy techniques hope to restore your muscle strength, relieve pain and enhance your function using exercise, among other physical therapy techniques.

Your treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation and examination to analyze your injury and determine your range of motion. Your provider then works with you to design a routine exercise plan to meet your particular concerns. They walk with you during your recovery until you regain full recovery.

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