Popular Blogging Topics to Explore

Blogging started growing rapidly in the early 00s and has done ever since. There are so many very famous blogs now, with new ones starting up all the time. It’s a great hobby to get into, certainly if you enjoy writing. Whether you use a blog or have created your own website, here are just a few popular topics to blog about.

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Everyone has to eat, and food connects with people in such a unique way. It will come as no surprise then that blogs about food are very popular. Food is a great topic because there are so many takes you can have on it. From trying different cuisines, branching out into the world of veganism, or just wanting to share old family recipes, there are so many angles you can go for.

Even as social media grew alongside blogging, the world’s obsession with food didn’t wait to invade that side of things too. From food influencers to those spending time on their travels to find the most Instagrammable meals, what the world eats and the internet often go hand in hand.


Everyone loves video gaming content, but that doesn’t mean blogs can’t be successful too. In fact, they could be incredibly useful to many gamers if you provide helpful hints, tips, and tricks that they can easily follow along with. Plus, you can offer your opinion on certain games and give reviews. When all you need is your mind and a good laptop like a Lenovo, what could be easier?


The world of travel often accompanies food, but a travel-specific blogging platform, even without foodie fans, will likely garner a lot of attention when done right.

Planet Earth is an incredible place, and no matter where you live on it, it’s natural to want to see more of what it has to offer. For this reason, internet users spend hours online looking at different travel destinations. They want to know what people thought of certain places, what people did there and where they are going next.

Travel interests so many, so it’s normal to receive a higher number of readers on a travel post than any other.


More clothing is bought online now than ever before. It’s only right then that many people also go online when looking for advice or inspiration on their fashion choices.

Clothing blogs can be very successful, especially if you find your niche, and can earn a good number of regular readers. Whether you discuss upcoming trends, talk about sustainable fashion, or just share outfits you love, there will be someone wanting to read what you have to say.


When you compare things to just a few decades ago, news has changed so much. Where before, the news was updated on a daily basis. It’s now hourly and even by the minute in some cases.

It’s for this reason that blogs that focus on the news, either in general or on a specific topic, can do very well. People want to know what’s going on, even more so if it’s about something they are passionate about.

Writing news about what you’re passionate about can really attract the sort of like-minded readers you may be looking for.

Blogging is, and always should be, for anyone who is interested in it. Everyone is unique, so it’s understandable that the things they would write about or want to read about will be unique too. If you are looking to write about what’s already popular, though, there are many paths to go down.

Whether you write about all the interesting food out there, document your travel journeys or bring people a different side of the news in a particular area, you can truly attract readers from all over.

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