Cooking Pizza: Steel vs. Stone Comparison

Ordering pizza is easy, but baking one from scratch is an art.

If you love pizza, making one at home is far more rewarding than having it delivered to your home.

We’re not all blessed with a wood-fired stove in our backyards, which can be used to create some of the best pizzas possible. For all those without that privilege, you can buy pizza-making tools online and get some of the closest pizza quality like those in wood-fired stoves.

With these tools, you can stop ordering fast food pizzas and create one for you and your loved ones that will rival all the best places in your town.

What are your options?

We’ll talk about two different pizza-making tools, both unique in their own way. With both being available for your home kitchen, we’ll talk about their features and differences.

What Are Your Options?

If you’re going for that perfect crunchy crust that any pizza must have, you can choose between the two best options- stainless steel pizza pan and stone pizza surface.

Both being useful tools, their features are what separates one from another. The most significant difference between these two excellent pizza-making tools is how they conduct heat.

To help you decide which choice you should go for, we’ll describe both choices for your better understanding.

Let’s see what makes them both great.

Pizza Steel

Steel is one of the best heat conductors you can use for baking. Because steel conducts heat so well, it will take much less time for the pizza to get done. Another feature of pizza steel is that steel is better for retaining heat than stone.

These two features combined bake your pizza at great speed while making the crunchy crust you’re trying to achieve. Pizza steel is almost indestructible but requires some maintenance for longer durability.

This process name is seasoning. You do that by applying a thin layer of oil with a high smoking temperature and baking it in the oven in high heat. Without it, your pizza steel is prone to rust and thus losing on quality of baking.

Compared to the pizza stone, the steel option has a hefty price tag on it. However, investing one time in something that will last a long time shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a hardcore pizza fan.

Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are also good conductors of heat, but not as much as pizza steel. The materials used for creating pizza stones are clay, ceramics, or cordierite. On the opposite of pizza steel, they’re more fragile, and you should handle it with more care.

Thermal shock is one of the biggest enemies of the pizza stone. If the stone gets a rapid change in heat, it can crack and shatter. We recommend waiting for it to cool down before washing it.

You shouldn’t season pizza stone, thus making it easier to maintain than pizza steel. A pizza stone will take more time for baking pizza, but still, it will cook it evenly on all sides and with high quality.

The biggest difference between the two, in the end, is the price. Pizza stones are much cheaper than pizza steal, some going for only a fraction of the price compared to the other.

If you’re on a tight budget, then choosing a pizza stone can be your preferred choice.

Which One to Choose

Deciding on any of these two shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re looking for a tool that will enhance your pizza-making, any of these two will deliver the promises. It’s all about your personal preferences and how much you’re willing to invest in such a pizza-making tool.

If you ask us, going for the pizza steel might be a better solution because of the durability you’re getting when choosing this material. We think that a one-time investment is a better choice than worrying that you’ll break it and spend more on buying a new one.

Our experience with using pizza steel was nothing less than a dream come true. We’ve learned that investing in such a tool is a good choice if you’re going for quality above quantity.

Now, we could never go back to the old way of making pizzas- not in a million years.


Baking pizza is fun.

Why not include a tool that will enhance the quality and taste of your pizza. Surely, you and your family will enjoy every tasty bite they take and forget about ordering from someplace any time soon.

With everything you’ve learned today by reading this article, you’re one step closer to deciding on buying one for yourself.

Choose what suits your taste best and make a decision that will change how you make pizza forever.

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