Essential Skin Care Routine for Post-Workout Breakouts

Exercising has numerous health benefits, such as helping you control body weight, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications. Also, it helps you attain your desired body shape, which boosts your confidence. Training in the gym does not only impact body muscles but also energizes the skin. Sweating during exercise is essential, but only when you follow the correct post-workout skincare. The following are some routine practices that help prevent breakouts after exercising.

Wash Your Hands

Since working out in the house can be distracting, most people prefer going to the gym. Here, you talk to peers and instructors, which is helpful in the weight loss journey. Unfortunately, individuals share everything, from equipment to weights. Bacteria are prevalent in the gym due to congestion.

It would be best to clean your hands before touching your face. Thus, you’ll avoid transferring bacteria that can cause acne.

Clean Your Face

Cleansing after gym helps maintain healthy skin. Keeping your face sweat-free prevents clogs that result in breakout. Choose a cleanser that suits you. Some are perfect for all skin types and won’t leave your skin dry. Instead, it will be relaxed and calm. Is your dermis prone to redness and swelling after exercising? Don’t worry since there are cleansers for you. They will help balance the skin and reduce swelling.

At times, professionals recommend double cleansing to remove the oil and moisturizer applied before exercising. Washing your face using cold water would be appropriate. The pores opened due to sweating tend to close due to high temperature. Use cleansing wipes for your face to remove sweat and any dirt after exercising. Using these can be especially helpful  if you do not have time to shower immediately after your workout. And use a towel to compress your face after washing to ensure a relaxing effect.

Take a Shower

Get out of your sweaty gym clothes as soon as you can. Preferably, you would want to take a shower. When exercising in crowded areas, your skin becomes a breeding place for microorganisms due to the closed conditions. Thus, the essential part of a skincare is cleansing your body. This removes impurities and bacteria. Chances of sweat entering your dermis through the pores are high if it stays on your body for an extended period. Consequently, it attracts things such as fungal infections that cause body rashes.

In addition, failure to clean your body properly leads to blockage of pores by the excess sweat. Clogged pores, in turn, lead to pimples which cause acne and breakout. If you don’t have time to shower right afte your workout, get out of your gym clothes to reduce the chances of breakouts appearing.

Use Moisturizer

The heat and sweat produced when exercising dehydrates and dries out your skin. So, it would be best to apply a moisturizer after freshening up. Also, showering leaves the skin dry, thus, you should hydrate immediately. Moisturizing keeps your dermis calm and soothes itchiness after hitting the gym.

Furthermore, Blood vessels such as capillaries dilate after vigorous exercise, bringing blood near the surface. Moisturizers have cooling properties that reduce dilation. Choosing a water based moisturizer designed for your skin type would be best. Consult a specialist on one that suits your skin to ensure a healthy glow.

Apply Sunscreen

Usually, sunscreen is vital for the body whether you are a gym enthusiast or not. It’s essential for the future of your skin as it protects against UV lights. This prevents premature aging and signs of skin damage like wrinkles and leathery skin. After gym time, sunscreen is crucial since the one applied is already gone due to sweating.

Reapplying is necessary. However, specialists advise using the tinted one as it has multiple purposes, including UV protection. Its ingredients ensure you have an even skin tone. In addition, it protects your skin from damage by indoor light.

Applying a Calming and Soothing Mask

Masking your face after exercising is an excellent method of pampering yourself. Typically, masks serve different purposes, for instance, hydrating or exfoliating, depending on the ingredients used. Professionals discourage the use of exfoliating masks post-workout. Instead, use the ones that are hydrating. They immediately cool the discomfort that occurs due to irritation.

Additionally, they have natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and breakouts. For effective results, apply it during bedtime when the body is oxygenating and recovering as you sleep. Furthermore, blood flow spikes at this time, thus enhancing its absorption.


If you are prone to blemishes and acne after a workout, follow the above tips, and you’ll see the difference. Keep these three basic rules in mind, stay hydrated, keep your skin clea, and keep it moisturized. However, it would be best to consult your dermatologist for an effective and qualified medical opinion.


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