Post-Run Relaxation Guide

After most runs, we stretch out, take a shower, and get on with our daily lives. The majority of the time, whether we are training for an event, running for good mental health, or to keep fit and healthy, running is a part of our lives. We fit it into our days – we rarely base our days around our jogs. But occasionally, whether it’s a race day or a day we plan to push ourselves harder, running further and faster than ever before, we clear our schedules and devote the whole day to our run, leaving plenty of time to warm up before and to take care of our exhausted bodies afterward.

But it’s often the time after the run that poses the problem. Before we set out, we’re eager, full of energy, and excited. We have a plan to follow. We make sure we eat the right breakfast and hydrate; we follow a warmup routine and we set off. But what do you do when you get back? You might feel a big slump in energy and mood as your adrenaline levels settle and it can be hard to know what to do with yourself. Here’s a look at everything that you need to help you chill out and recover, both physically and mentally, after a long run.

Snacks and Drinks

Hopefully, you refuel with a healthy, high-protein snack and plenty of water soon after your run, to aid recovery and help you to replenish some of the calories that you’ve burned. But after a very long run, you should expect to feel hungrier for the rest of the day, not just immediately afterward. Make sure you’ve got healthy snacks prepared, perhaps a few less healthy treats, and plenty of water.

A Quiet Space

A big physical challenge affects us emotionally as well as physically, especially if it’s something that we’ve been preparing for, for a long time. There’s a comedown, and it can be hard to carry on as normal. Make sure you’ve got a quiet space at home where you can sit peacefully and reflect. Add some modern bean bag furniture from Sumo Lounge, books, and other activities, and make sure you can relax. If you choose modern bean bag furniture, make sure you have space for it in a quiet corner of your home.

A Yoga Mat

It’s common to get stiff after a big workout. Even if you stretch out well straight after, once you’ve gone home and sat down, you might find it hard to get up again. Have a yoga mat laid down at home so you can jump on and perform a few gentle and comforting stretches throughout the day if you need to.


Essential oils and herbs can be extremely beneficial after a long run. Chamomile can help to relax your mind and your muscles and aid the recovery of your nervous system, and lavender can help you to relax and get to sleep, which can be hard if you are still achy, or feeling a buzz. Try teas, essential oils, candles, and body washes.

Recovering from a long run takes time. It’s a good idea to clear your schedule and give yourself time to relax, but how you spend that time is important.

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