Essential Questions for Your Initial OBGYN Visit

Pregnancy is a joyful experience in a woman’s life. However, despite your joy, you likely have many questions, particularly if it is your initial pregnancy. One of the first major milestones of your pregnancy is visiting your OBGYN. This consultation is a chance to receive answers to some of your queries from a reputable physician. Before your OBGYN visit, though, it is beneficial to have questions already planned out. In this post, OBGYN Trinity specialist Dr. Wanda Torres outlines some of the most critical questions to ask during this initial consultation. Continue reading to learn more.

How Frequently Will You Have to Consult a Doctor?

Knowing what to anticipate from your physician over the following nine months is essential. Discuss with your OBGYN the recommended visit frequency for you and your child. Typically, the frequency of your consultations will rise as your due date approaches.

Numerous OBGYNs will walk you all through the various pregnancy visit milestones. From the initial ultrasound through the labor position of your kid, you will have a solid understanding of what to anticipate in the coming months.

What Weight Do You Need to Gain?

Weight concerns are one of the most frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy. Every pregnancy is unique, and the weight you acquire depends on your pre-pregnancy weight as well. Depending on your unique health history, your OBGYN will give you a precise range of what to expect. Nonetheless, women generally gain between 25- and 35-pounds throughout pregnancy.

Are You At A Heightened Risk For Complications Or Diseases?

The response to this question is different for every pregnant lady. Ensure that your OBGYN is aware of your individual and family health history. Thus, your physician will comprehensively understand any personal or inherited issues that may affect your pregnancy.

Additionally, you must inform your physician of any health concerns you are currently managing. For instance, if you have low blood pressure or are experiencing depression, you should inform your OBGYN at this initial session.

What Type Of Exercise Should You Engage In While Pregnant?

Physical activity throughout pregnancy is essential for good health. In fact, women who exercise throughout pregnancy have a higher likelihood of recovering quicker after delivery. However, you should exercise safely and comfortably over the next nine months.

Throughout your first visit, your physician will probably inquire about your present fitness routine. Your OBGYN will advise you on what activities you could continue to engage in and what you should avoid. Your exercise routine must be a topic you keep discussing with your doctor as your pregnancy advances.

What Prenatal Tests Can You Anticipate?

Various prenatal screenings will be necessary during your pregnancy. For instance, you will undergo blood testing throughout your first and second trimesters. There will also be the option to undergo genetic testing. Discuss genetic testing with your OBGYN throughout your initial appointment. Your doctor will discuss the associated risks and the implications of certain outcomes for your child.

Your OBGYN appointment is key to a healthy and successful pregnancy. At Suncoast Women’s Care, Dr. Wanda Torres and the team care for patients with utmost care and compassion. Dr. Wanda offers individualized, top-quality care based on your specific needs. Call the Tampa or Trinity, FL, office or use the online booking tool to schedule an initial consultation today.


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