Bridging the Gap between Scientists and Non-scientists

It can be difficult to understand the latest scientific breakthroughs. They’re written and spoken about with complicated acronyms, assumed knowledge, and sometimes even paywalls to be able to access the information!

Scientists for their part want everyone to see and understand how valuable these scientific breakthroughs are, but often end up confined to their fellow scientist ‘bubble’.

We need academics and professionals to take the initiative to make the science avenues less exclusive. Chloe Kirk, a Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Miami, is a research scientist passionate about communicating science for all ages. Her STEM Instagram blog makes scientific knowledge and day-to-day life accessible for all science enthusiasts.

In 2019, Chloe started her Instagram account with the purpose of normalizing the discussion about science, especially among people who do not have a professional connection with the field.

She is keen to familiarize people with wonderful and vital scientific discoveries. Talking about her motto of “science for all,” Chloe said that she makes sure to keep her science discussions jargon-free so that they are understandable for people who want to stay in touch with the latest developments in scientific research.

Another notable feature of the blog is that it combines an introductory approach to scientific research with mindful consciousness – Chloe’s unfiltered portrayal of her lab life ensures that the audience does not romanticize the life of a research biologist. She shares her failures in experimentation and data analysis openly. Without leaving any loose threads, she takes her audience through the full journey.

Neither romanticizing nor painting a dark picture, she keeps the life of a research biologist as real as it is.

The importance of work-life balance is another prominent subject that Chloe actively discusses. Displaying the life of a research scientist from all angles and beyond the lab, Chloe certainly masters the art of balance with her adventures beyond the lab – her baking and traveling stories are as interesting as it gets. 

Chloe is determined to make science accessible regardless of educational background. She wants to take the subject out of the circle of lab coats and into the masses.

If you are looking for an authentic portrayal of a scientist’s life and information about the latest scientific developments, head to Chloe’s blog and Instagram page.


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