Benefits of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

You may neglect an elbow or shoulder injury without realizing the seriousness of the condition. Although acute pain in the hand joints will heal without medical interventions, unstable joints might require La Jolla, CA orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon appointment. In most cases, severe elbow and shoulder joint pain happen after a serious fall. Although you can let the joints heal over time, this strategy might work if you have a minor injury, but chronic pain requires medical attention. These are signs to see an orthopedic elbow and shoulder surgeon.

Popping Sound on Elbow or Shoulder

A popping sound on the shoulder and the elbow might indicate serious joint trauma after a fall. Thus you should see an orthopedic doctor if the popping sound is accompanied by extreme pain or shoulder weakness. The popping sound might result from a tear on the rotator cuff or AC joint separation. Thus, you should see an orthopedic doctor who will assess the joints and recommend surgery to deal with serious joint separation.

Shoulder Weakness

Your shoulder should be strong to support the arms and carry heavy loads. A weakness in the joint after an accident might indicate an injury due to a sudden force on the joint. A tear on the rotator cuff leads to joint weakness when lifting weight; thus, you should see an orthopedic doctor due to weakness in the shoulder joint.

Moreover, the weakness in the shoulder and elbow joints might indicate infections that affect the ligaments or tissues in the joints. You may need replacement surgery to remove the damaged ligaments and replace them with artificial connective ones. Infections lead to chronic joint pain and the inability to lift weights.

Unstable Shoulder and Elbow Joint

Your shoulder joint might lack stability after an injury due to dislocation. Therefore, you can see an orthopedic surgeon to correct the dislocation. Although your shoulder might slide back to its position after an injury, it might slide back to its location. Broken bones, muscles, and ligaments might lead to dislocation.

A Bump on the Joint

An injury on the AC joint leads to bumps on the shoulder joint. These bumps are associated with chronic pain, and you should see an orthopedic surgeon to deal with the bumps. Moreover, the bumps might indicate that a shoulder joint is separate, and an orthopedic doctor will diagnose and operate on the separated shoulder joint.

Painful Clavicle

Trauma on the shoulder joint transmits to the collarbone leading to fractures. An injury to the collarbone leads to chronic pain and bumps, and your doctor will evaluate the injuries to treat the pain effectively. Injury to the collarbone will worsen if you leave it untreated.

An elbow and shoulder joint injury can weaken your hands, and you should seek immediate medical attention. You may see an orthopedic surgeon if the elbow or shoulder joints are weak, indicating serious fractures or underlying health conditions. Moreover, it leads to a painful clavicle as the shoulder injury transits to the collarbone. You may need the surgery to address bumps on the shoulder joint and a popping sound on the shoulders or elbow.


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