Dental Crowns and Bridges: The Solution for a Beautiful Smile

Your teeth and general oral health are essential in maintaining a great smile and enhancing your self-esteem. However, your teeth might get damaged or come out in the course of your life due to various reasons. The skilled team at Lone Star Dental Care offers customized dental crowns & bridges Frisco to restore your oral health and smile. Here is more information on everything you need to know about dental crowns and bridges.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown refers to a teeth restorative method for a damaged tooth. A damaged tooth does not demand extraction, which is where dental crowns are needed. Crowns are used to restore chipped, decayed, or cracked teeth by being fitted on top of the tooth. Dental crowns are made from different materials, including porcelain, metals, plastic, or a combination of these materials.

What Are Dental Bridges?

On the other hand, dental bridges help to connect two teeth and fill the underlying space. They act like highways that fill the space between two teeth left by one or two missing teeth. Therefore, dental bridges help to replace a missing tooth when well-functional teeth are available on both sides of the missing tooth. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are fitted with the bridge covering the space with a fake tooth replacement.

Do You Require Dental Crowns and Bridges?

If you have a damaged or missing tooth, eating or drinking various foods can be challenging. Moreover, poor dental health can have a devastating effect on your self-confidence and esteem. dental crowns are bridges that offer a perfect solution to help people undergoing such distress. If you have a missing, damaged, chipped, or broken tooth, you are a   perfect candidate for crowns and bridges. However, it is important to note that the possibility of installing dental crowns and bridges depends on the overall condition of your gums and teeth and the extent of the damage.

How Should You Care for Your Dental Crowns?

Dentists recommend various precautions to help take care of your temporary dental crowns. Some of these include; avoiding chewing hard objects that could break or damage the crown, sliding out dental floss when cleaning between the teeth to avoid pulling off the crown, avoiding chewy, sticky foods that can pull off the crown, and minimizing the use of the side of the mouth with a temporary crown.

How Long Do Dental Crowns and Bridges Last?

Dental crowns last for about fifteen years. However, the life span of the crown will depend on how well you undertake good oral hygiene practices, the amount of tear and wear the crown is exposed to and the personal oral-related habits such as grinding your teeth, or using them to open hard things.

Caring for your teeth and gums is a challenging task, and there might be slippages. dental crowns and bridges are crucial and innovative procedures that help deal with dental problems such as missing or damaged teeth. Dr. Vahadi at Lone Star Dental Care uses his experience to ensure that patients restore a healthy smile. Contact or schedule an appointment online at Lone Star Dental Care to find out the best treatment for you today.


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