5 Crucial Topics to Discuss with Your Gynecologist

Regarding reproductive and sexual wellness, it can be challenging to comprehend what is normal or risky. The reproductive system of every woman plays a critical role in her everyday life. However, many health issues result from negligence and ignoring a slight problem when it first appears. To have good reproductive health, get routine check-ups from the Upper West Side gynecologist to keep you healthy and alert when any problem occurs. Additionally, being hesitant to explain your innermost condition can result in significant disaster since the gynecologist can’t help a situation without knowing its existence. Even if you feel embarrassed to open up about specific issues, your gynecologist has seen and heard it all. Let’s examine the five things that your gynecologist should always know.

1.     If there is any case of vaginal odor

While this can be an uncomfortable topic, you should talk to your doctor if there is any foul smell. Although it’s normal to have an odor, seek help if the smell gets worse and lasts for days. A foul smell can indicate signs of bacteria overgrowth or vaginal infections. Consult your gynecologist, who can diagnose and treat the situation early to stabilize and stop further damage.

2.     Having uncontrolled urine or fecal leakage

 If ignored, this condition can affect your quality of life. Similarly, it isn’t easy for any woman to talk about it publicly. In most cases, you can experience the condition after childbirth, especially when the baby is big, and if untreated, it can worsen and enter the menopausal phase. Again, open up to your doctor for specialized treatment options.

3.     Experiencing painful menstrual periods

For every woman, having monthly periods is an unpleasant situation. Some minor changes like cramps, tender breasts, and nausea are common during periods. However, if you experience severe cramps, lightheadedness, or passing out, talk to your gynecologist instantly.

4.     Swelling bumps and growths in your reproductive organ

Feel free to consult your doctor about any cases of change in your vagina or around your labia. Be it ingrown hairs, a pimple, a cut from shaving, or any concerning bump, ensure you discuss the situation with the gynecologist. Although bumps are benign, they should be diagnosed to remove any associated risks.

5.     If you have low sexual desire

At times you might think that it’s normal, but it might be a call to a severe reproductive problem. This situation can result from stress and other mental turmoil you are going through. In addition, it can signify cases of infectious diseases lowering your sexual mood bit by bit. Talk to your doctor for advice and scan for any potential problems.

Generally, you will experience these issues at a point in your life. If you want to get help and lead a healthy and comfortable life, don’t shy away from discussing your situation with Dr. Brodman. Being a board-certified gynecologist, she will professionally listen to your concerns and offer individualized care for a healthy sexual life. Don’t suffer in silence anymore. Contact Karen F. Brodman, MD office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, today!


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