Tips to Improve Fertility: Boosting Your Chances

You may not predict when and how long it will take to conceive a child, whether it is your first pregnancy or not. Thus you will not conclude that the lack of conception is an infertility problem until you try conceiving for a year. A New York, NY fertility specialist will determine if the inability to have children results from temporary or permanent infertility. You may fail to conceive due to hormonal imbalance, blocked fallopian tubes, poor sperm, and poor lifestyle choices. Thus you would visit a gynecologist and urologist with your husband to determine the cause of infertility and adopt these remedies to improve fertility.

Eat Healthily

You should eat healthily before choosing to have a baby, as food quality affects fertility. Thus you will eat whole grains, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, lean proteins, and Omega 3 & 6, olive, and avocado oil. Healthy foods enhance ovulation and increase fertility, thus reducing fertility complications. You will frequently ovulate when healthy, which boosts your chances of getting pregnant. You may opt for tofu or beans instead of meat as they are healthy protein meals that encourage egg production. Like skimmed milk, full-fat dairy products like Greek yogurt and whole milk can improve fertility. Refined carbs may increase your weight leading to low testosterone and insulin levels, thus increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Even if you are overweight, you may conceive, but it is better to maintain a healthy weight when pregnant. Obesity comes with ovulation and the ability to carry a pregnancy. Moreover, obesity may cause polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and result in the overabundance of estrogen, making the body think you are pregnant. The body will avoid ovulation when an overabundance of estrogen leads

Reduce Drug Use

You may need to reduce alcohol and tobacco intake to conceive or carry a pregnancy. These drugs might lead to irregular ovulation as it affects hormone production. Thus you should avoid light or heavy drinking when trying to consume and abstain completely to avoid harming the fetus during the sensitive developmental stage.

Take Prenatal Supplements

The prenatal supplements are high in folic, which increases the fetus’s growth, and contain vitamin D, which increases fertility and balances your hormones. Thus you may opt to take the supplements before conception and after conceiving.

Seek Fertility Treatments

You may seek fertility treatments to deal with infertility, especially temporary infertility. Hormonal treatments might treat infertility which occurs due to hormone imbalance. However, IVF treats infertility caused by unhealthy eggs, low sperm count, and fallopian tube blockage.                                      

Infertility is demoralizing, especially if you want to start a family and your loved ones anticipate the pregnancy. However, you should not let it ruin your chances of getting children, as you can seek treatments and adopt home remedies to conceive naturally. You should start eating healthily and taking prenatal supplements, which include folic and vitamin D supplements. You may reduce smoking and alcohol intake as it affects your hormonal level. Furthermore, fertility treatments will deal with issues such as poor egg quality, blocked fallopian tubes, and low sperm count.


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