Bathroom Renovation Tips: Transform Your Space with Success

We spend a lot of our time in bathrooms, so it is only natural that we want it to be a comfy and inviting space. Not only are bathroom renovations a great idea for those who want to keep up with modern furnishings and gadgets, enjoying a more luxurious lifestyle, but bathroom renovations can also add excellent resale value to a home if the plan is to put it on the market in the future.

So, with that in mind, this piece will discuss some top tips for renovating a bathroom!

Create a Budget for Bathroom Renovations

One of the first important steps when it comes to renovations is to create a budget. Budgets are important to understand the expected expenditures that will go into a bathroom renovation and can help map out all costs of a renovation. Doing this is also a great way to see if there is anything in the process that might not have been thought of.

Choose the Style and Type of Bathroom

Along with planning the budget, there needs to be some idea of what the bathroom renovation will entail. Will it be just a few small upgrades like a new tiling and a color refresh, or will the bathroom style be changing significantly, such as a standard bathroom into a wet room? These changes will impact the budget, how much time is needed to make the transformation and what other services or resources will be needed.

Plan the Bathroom Renovation Layout

Planning a layout of a bathroom is the next step, and it is important to bear in mind what size and space of the bathroom that is being renovated. The layout is where different elements will be positioned and will also have to line up with the water supply and drainage system.

Factors to consider when planning the layout of the bathroom renovation include the wet and dry locations of the bathroom, where the bathroom storage will be placed, what will be an adequate amount of storage and also if there will be a bath and a separate shower or a shower over a bath.

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Pick the Lighting for a Bathroom Renovation

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room as it can change the entire mood from the tone and style of the bulb to the shade or style of the stands. It is worth considering what type of lighting would fit the renovation vibe that is planned.

Mirror lights, vanity lighting, pendant lights, ceiling lights or even chandeliers are just some of the options to pick from to change the whole style of a room.

Accessories for a Bathroom Renovation

Sometimes all that is needed to tie a whole renovation together is the final touches. This is where new accessories to match the renovation come in. Whatever the style, there will plenty of accessories to choose from to match the new renovation, from ornaments, baskets to stylish soap dispensers.


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