Understanding Vascular Diseases

Your blood vessels play a vital role in your health and survival. Thus, it is essential to understand all factors that might make the blood vessels vulnerable to damage and other severe impacts that can affect your wellbeing. Unluckily, many people may be unaware of this importance; thus, they end up experiencing vascular problems. Lack of timely and effective treatment has recently caused Aventura vascular problems to surge alarmingly. You should learn how to appreciate the symptoms of different types of vascular disease to look for treatment. The following are the types of vascular diseases you should know.

Cerebrovascular Disease

This disease impacts your blood vessels and blood flow to the brain, including aneurysms and ischemic stroke. When you have a cerebrovascular disease, you will experience several symptoms such as confusion, slurred speech, headache, and memory loss. You should seek medical assistance instantly once you notice the symptoms to prevent the unbearable consequences.


In most cases, it occurs in the aorta, the primary blood vessel leaving the heart. The disease is threatening as it may occur in the chest (aortic aneurysm) or in the belly (abdominal). If untreated, it poses some serious risks, such as plaque deposits where the aneurysm is and the formation of clots that break after some time that may be fatal.

Peripheral Artery Disease

The disease is determined by the progressive thickening of your artery’s lining resulting from plaque formation. As a result, the formation contributes to a decline in the blood flow in various body parts, including legs, kidneys, neck, and stomach. No one is safe from the disease because it has the same risks for both genders; thus, you should seek medical checkups regularly.

Blood Clotting Disorders

Various illnesses sometimes cause your blood vessels to be more prone to forming clots. Sometimes you may be born with one, or it may occur unknowingly. If you have these disorders, you should contact your doctor because they may damage the endothelium, cause short blood-thinning, and higher-than-normal level of blood formation.

Carotid Artery Disease

Carotid artery disease has no visible symptoms, although blockages might contribute to stroke. Also, the disease is similar to peripheral artery disease because it happens whenever plaques or fatty deposits block your arteries. In most cases, you are more exposed to this disease if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or are a smoker.

Buerger’s Disease

Although the disease is rare, you may experience it in the small and mid-blood vessels in the legs and arms. Once they occur, they cause swelling and decrease the blood supply to your fingers, feet, and toes. Afterward, you will experience pain even when you are resting. Although there are no noticeable causes, the disease has a solid link with tobacco consumption.

Blood vessels prove to be more exposed to various types of diseases. As a result, you should seek medical attention regularly for inspection. Where can you receive such examinations if your doctor is fully booked? Do not worry because, at Soffer Health Institute, located in Aventura, Florida, FL, you can receive all these services. Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, and his board of specialists provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all vascular complications. Call the center’s office or schedule an appointment online to enjoy their services.


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