Discover the Perks: Cosmetic and General Dentistry Explained

Your smile is an essential component needed while socializing and interacting with new people. The smile is the first thing most people note during your first encounter. Therefore, if your smile is made of brightened teeth, well aligned and shaped, it is easy for you to socialize, but if they are colored, misaligned, and misshapen, it is difficult to socialize. However, various cosmetic and general dentistry solutions to all the concerns might affect your smile. Suppose you have any of the above concerns, Hinna Chaudhry, DMD can help you learn the benefits of general or cosmetic solutions before trying any of them. Below are a few advantages of cosmetic and general dentistry to appreciate.

The primary reason you are encouraged to seek general dentistry services is to help reduce the overall risk of all health problems. Among those health concerns are dental cavities which might require restorative care. Generally, cavities usually form due to the build-up of tartar and plaque. In these cases, a general dentistry solution offered is regular dental cleaning because it removes the tartar and plaque accumulated on your teeth with the gum line, thus reducing the risk of cavities, among other oral concerns.

  •       Deals with bad breath

A major benefit of regular dentistry is to prevent bad breath, thus leaving your mouth smelling fresh and clean. However, most people do not view routine dental check-ups as essential because they do not seem to affect their daily lives. As a result, they decide to visit their dentist when they have noticeable concerns affecting their smile or oral health. However, in cases of bad breath or halitosis, dental cleaning, which is part of general dentistry, is essential because it removes the plaque on the surface of your teeth. Doing so improves your breath because the tartar and plaque, which are foul-smelling bacteria, are removed.

  •       Improves your dietary intake

If you have any missing teeth or your teeth have cavities, it might be quite difficult to chew certain foods, especially the hard ones. Similarly, missing several teeth can also greatly impact the type of foods to consume because when eating, you are unable to chew the food appropriately, thus causing other digestive problems. Of importance to note is that even some minor dental concerns can greatly impact your daily food consumption. In such cases, cosmetic dentistry solutions such as dental crowns, inlays, and Onlays can help strengthen your bites, thus improving your ability to chew.

  •       It gives you a youthful smile

Generally, as you age, your teeth appear darker and look old because they look stained or yellowed. In most cases, the color of your teeth is caused by the continuous consumption of beverages and foods without immediate proper tooth cleaning. Some beverages to watch out for include coffee, berries, wine, and tea, among many others. However, cosmetic dentistry can help lighten the color of your teeth, thus brightening your smile and making you appear youthful.

The advanced technology in dentistry has developed new cosmetic and general dentistry solutions to ensure all your dental concerns are well dealt with. Therefore, if you are interested in trying out various general or cosmetic dentistry solutions offered at Ardsley Dental Spa, you can start by scheduling your appointment online or calling their offices for more details.


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