Different Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Pitted, crooked, chipped, misaligned, and discolored teeth affect the appearance of your smile. They also greatly lower your self-esteem and confidence because you are afraid of how others perceive your smile. No need to keep worrying about such concerns because different types of cosmetic dentistry options are now available to deal with such concerns. Suppose you have any of the above concerns and want to use cosmetic dentistry Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY; it is essential to understand the various options available before using a particular method. Below are the different types of cosmetic dentistry options.

It is an effective and very simple procedure compared to other methods available. It is mainly used to repair all minor dental problems like chipped teeth and tooth decay. During your appointment, your care provider begins with determining the proper color of the bonding agent to use by matching it with your remaining teeth. Later, the care provider applies the composite to the area that needs shaping and repair to make it look flawless and natural. However, if the bonding is supposed to repair a cavity, your dents begin with removing the decayed and damaged area before applying and molding the bonding agent.

  •       Dental veneers

They are artificially made in the lab to ensure they match your teeth before they are cemented to the interior of your teeth. In most cases, dental veneers cover various dental problems, including crooked teeth, chipped teeth, teeth with gaps, and discolored teeth. They are usually placed on the teeth that are visible when you smile.

  •       Teeth whitening

Bleaching or whitening teeth is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. The procedure usually begins with your dentist cleaning all the mouth’s plaque, food particles, and tartar. The procedure also aims to restore your teeth’ brightness by clearing all the stains caused by certain medications, foods, and smoking.

  •       Inlays and onlays

They are procedures to fill a tooth when it is moderately decayed. Inlays and onlays offer support, prevent further decay, restore the natural shape of your teeth and prevent further damage to your dental structure. For instance, if you have seen gold on the surface of someone’s tooth, that is an example of an only. Inlays and onlays are first created outside your tooth to ensure they are shaped to fit the decayed tooth perfectly.

  •       Dental implants

Dental implants are commonly used when you want to permanently replace your lost teeth, irrespective of whether they were lost due to decay or a car accident. The procedure involves inserting metal screws into the part with missing teeth to act as the tooth root to hold the dental crown.

  •       Dental crowns

Crowns are dental caps made of acrylic, porcelain, or ceramic. They are mainly used to restore the place of broken, missing, or decayed teeth. They are also fixed at the top of dental implants.

Various cosmetic dentistry solutions are now available due to the use of advanced technology in dentistry. Therefore, if you have any of the above concerns and want to use particular cosmetic dentistry, you can start by scheduling your appointment at Brooklyn City Dental today.


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