Keeping Your Eyes Healthy: Essential Tips

Eye health is just as important as your overall health. As individuals get older, they may find their eyesight getting worse as the years go on. This is a normal factor of aging and is nothing to worry about. There are ways that you can reduce the risk of the deterioration of your eyesight and making these ways part of your daily routine can be incredibly beneficial for the wellbeing of your eyes. People often neglect their eyes and forget that they need to be taken care of just like the rest of the human body.

Reduce Your Screen Time

Reducing screen time is one of the main factors of keeping your eyes healthy. It’s no secret that screens are harmful for the eyes, especially exposing yourself to screens for a longer period of time throughout the day. This can be difficult for those who work on computers or their mobile phones as they can’t exactly avoid using screens in their daily routines. The best advice for working on screens in your career, is to have regular breaks throughout the day. Whether this is a spare few minutes you spend away from your laptop or computer screen or simply putting your phone down while you make a coffee.

You can reduce screen time by limiting your use of:

  • Social media apps
  • Games
  • Reading the news
  • Browsing the internet
  • Watching videos

There are even apps on cell phones nowadays that are specially designed to limit your screen time and allow you to monitor how long you actually spend on your cell phone.

Protecting Your Vision While Reading

Reading without wearing reading glasses can also be extremely harmful to your overall eye health. If you already wear glasses throughout your day, you more than likely should be getting a pair of reading glasses. There are a wide variety of reading glasses available; for example, the glasses available at These specialized glasses help to reduce eye strain when reading a book, newspaper, or anything that you may be reading for an extended period of time.

Avoid Screens Before Bed

Exposing yourself to a screen right before you go to bed can also be damaging to your eyesight. Additionally, it can also keep you up at night and cause you to struggle to fall asleep, which can be detrimental to your wellbeing when having to get up early in the morning for work. Tying in with the reduction of screen time usage; avoiding screens when you plan to sleep is essential. This includes your cell phone too, as they are popular devices to be used when lying in bed before sleep. A large percentage of people like to check their social media feeds before they go to sleep for the night, and while it may seem like it is causing no harm, it in fact is.

Blue light radiates from your screens, and this can harm your chances of falling asleep and is a terrible way to strain your eyesight. If you must you use devices at night time, ensure you don’t use them when the lights are off in the room, and turn your brightness down on your device as low as you can.

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